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2009 seaon recap.
My 2009 season recap, Although I didn't end up harvesting anything I still had a great time.
And last but not least my Hoyt Vulcan.  Deer killing machine.
Hunt four.  I was still optimistic for my season at this point ;)
Hunt four.
Hunt four.
Hunt four.
Hunt four.
Hunt four.
Hunt 4 still in PA, This ended up being the place I saw my first deer, wasn't on this hunt maybe hunt 20-22 before I even saw a deer. It was a...
This was about 30 seconds before all hell broke loose and the rain came....HARD.
Then it poured......
Then it got darker......
It was Nice out...
Third hunt.
Third hunt, PA.
Can you guess what I was doing while I was in the stand?
I Love my Ultimate camo!!!!!
Down the mountain.
Looking in the opposite direction.
First hunt in PA
Neither do these.
These Tracks dont Lie
Evening hunt in Maryland.
Same Spot Different day, Maryland.
Another hunt in Maryland
Another from the first Maryland Hunt.

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