Steve's Buck
My first Deer of the 2012 Bow season,a nice little eating size Doe.
My nice Channel Cat caught on my cheap Zebco and 12lb. test line,it was a fun fight for about 15 minutes. 9 1/2 lbs.
It seems to be a year for my biggest everythings,biggest Turkey and now my biggest Channel Cat caught 5/12/12.I hope this is my year for my biggest...
downsized 1002111121 First Deer of 2011 Bow Season.
imagejpeg952 Steves Doe 2011 Gun.
downsized 1112111717 2nd. Biggest Buck I saw on Gun opener 2011.
downsized 1015111141 Erics big Doe opening day of Bow season.2011
1031011943 Corys Buck 10 pointer. 2011
downsized 1112111716 Tall 8 pointer opening day. 2011
downsized 1112111714 Biggest Buck I saw on opening day harvested. 2011 Gun Season
downsized 1112111718 My Doe opening day afternoon. 2011 Gun Season
2011 11 12 08.50.26 Brians 10 pointer opening day 2011 Gun. This is Brians first deer ever,not bad for starters.
My first Doe in the 2010 season with my Bow,not real big on size but good tasting for sure. She field dressed at 98 lbs.
Steve's 2nd. Doe This one had busted me a couple of times before and was making my hunts very hard. She finally messed up and came around a corner in...
Steve's 2nd. Doe imagejpeg 2 8
Steve's 2nd Doe imagejpeg 2 9
Steve's Buck 003 The exit wound is seen in this shot,low and center.
Steve's Buck 004 The entrance wound is just above and to the left of the right front shoulder.
Steve's Buck 002 So happy to get one but in mild schock that I hit him on the move.

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