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pigiron 08-24-2015 04:35 PM

RIP Rebel.. shame to see some of the older members gone. Champlain, I did not know Rickmur had passed away as well.. damn

younggun308 08-30-2016 10:31 PM

When I logged back on the site a couple weeks ago, it was for the first time in 8 years, so this is news to me.
I was quite frankly an incredibly annoying HNI member when I got to know him (I was between the ages of 13 and 15 when I used this site extensively, so I was too eager to jump in on every discussion forcefully). But he was incredibly patient with me despite that and, in his own way that was firm but was not hurtful, set me straight a couple of times. He had the kind of online presence that made a young kid want to look up to "the old guys."
Perhaps my most fond memory of him on here was when I got my first big game rifle (and I still use it, every year), but I could not figure out how to post pictures on this site. After seeing me flounder a few times posting pic-less threads, he had me send him the pictures via e-mail and started a thread to post the pictures so I could show everyone. He even noticed the scope was mounted too far back, and told me I should get that adjusted in order to avoid some serious scope eye! Sigh...memory eternal, Rebel Hog.

falcon 08-31-2016 06:27 AM

Rest In Everlasting Peace Rebel Hog

oldelkhunter 12-12-2017 10:59 AM

Rest in Peace Emilio. You were always a man of integrity and grace. I have lost so many friends and family in the past few years, it only reminds me of what a short time we have on this earth. Best to spend that time as God would want us to .

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