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bigredoutdoors 05-13-2016 02:29 PM

410 Acre Knox County Nebraska Whitetail Archery lease
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This 410 acre parcel is the RAKS™ Big Game Supplements proving grounds and has only had one buck harvested since 2012. Mineral sites and feeders have been maintained during this entire time with protein blocks in additional locations. Myself and one other RAKS staff member will be hunting the property as well. Stand & camera placement will be agreed upon by all hunters. Communication via email, text, and/or Facebook Messenger so that all members know what stand and when you will be hunting. There will be no spot and stalk hunting as we do not want to blow deer off of the property. Strict 4.5 year age restriction on buck harvest. If you are not sure then you let it walk. We will create a Hit List and Off Limits List based on trail cam photos we receive leading up to season. Hunting is by walk in only. ATVs/UTVs for game retrieval only. This lease is for the 2016 Archery Deer Season Only (September 1-December 31, 2016). No crossbows allowed. Lease price is $1,500.

bigredoutdoors 05-13-2016 02:31 PM

Can possibly work out lodging at one of our other properties within 2 miles of this one. It is an old trailer house. We can talk more about that if you are interested.

mthusker 05-15-2016 07:57 PM

Doesn't Big Red Outdoors have numerous leased up ground they sell memberships for?

bigredoutdoors 05-16-2016 08:52 AM

Big Red Outdoors does lease a little over 7k acres with a membership base. We also own RAKS Big Game Supplements which leases ground solely for our proving grounds.

mthusker 05-16-2016 02:55 PM

I have a question, if you try and sell memberships to folks, telling them that they can have access on the leases you have on a first come first serve basis, why is this not included in the lands BRO allows it's members to hunt. The BRO site says, " Unlimited Access to ALL Big Red Outdoors and Network Properties". Are not current members being cheated , seems like your "cherry picking" the good spots for yourself, and allowing one other NON BRO member to pay a good portion of this lease? Please explain.

sugarcreek402 05-16-2016 04:48 PM

It sounds as if he has 2 different companies set up. BRO, and RAKS. They may NOT have all the same owners for each company.
If this property is leased under RAKS, and not BRO, he's not cheating or being dishonest with anyone in his offer, IMO.

I assume he stated ownership of BRO for credibility sake.

Also, There may be a lot more stipulations with this lease than a normal BRO lease. I don't know, but will make another assumption that's the case.

Just my 2 cents - he doesn't have a conflict of interest here nor is he cheating other BRO members.

mthusker 05-16-2016 08:28 PM

Well, looking at below his sign in name...."Big Red Outdoors", that tells a lot to me.

bigredoutdoors 05-17-2016 11:58 AM

Thank you sugarcreek402 - I am not taking anything away from the BRO members. This lease is paid for by RAKS not BRO. Two separate businesses that benefit each other. A lot of good properties in BRO and the proving grounds is a property that the land owner would not lease to BRO because of access limitations. If you have questions maybe you should give me a call and I can explain mthusker - not that I need to.

A lot of folks don't agree with the leasing of land and that is their opinion. Personally I got tired of losing all my ground and figured there were plenty of other guys out there just like me. Turns out there are. So if you are not interested then that's fine. But don't high jack my post when I'm posting something that you are not interested in.

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