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Johnny b 04-25-2013 03:35 PM

Clinton lake friday nite
Headed to clinton lake for a night trip, if any one is interested in a little big fish tourney. launching out of Muscutin ramp at dark. :fighting0007:

carpsniper 04-26-2013 04:55 AM

Good luck. Stay safe.

Johnny b 04-26-2013 06:24 AM

TKX. How's work? Been thinking bout you and wondering how it is going, finding a place to live, shoot, fish you know all the important stuff.

Johnny b 04-28-2013 03:35 PM

Hit Clinton lake Friday nite, nice night for a boat ride. put in at moskutin ramp went across to opposite bank to get out of wind. turned on the lights to see I was in a bowl of chocolate milk. We took off south to the dam and finally found water where we could see down 10 inches. seen 5 fish, boated 2, had one pull off. Did find a dead pig laying along the shore line. The bank was almost vertical, my theory is it got down along the shore line and wore it's self out trying to scale the vertical bank. was not smart enough to go and find a shallow place to get out, there were lots of down trees to hinder it's progress. could not tell if it was a ferell or lost piggy. Will be a wile before I go there again. besides i got mushrooms to find now.

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