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Johnny b 01-09-2012 11:59 AM

Florida bowfishing
well been down here in the Naples area for a week now. getting the saltwater figuredout, another thing onfresh. first trip outsalt water i was by my self for 2.5 hrs. as far as i know now you can shoot, flounder, sheephead, mullet and cow nose rays. Mullet are like shad, schools of them pretty nice size but boaring. I did manage to shoot 2 sheephead (good eating). cleaned and gave the to the guy who is letting me hog hunt on his place. went out fresh water today this far south all you can find is canals. they all have steep banks and lots of weeds. did not see a fish only one 3foot gator. You can shoot Talapia, gar, mullet. I always thought Talapia were salt water, but theyare fresh. been out hog hunting twice first trip seen 2, second nothing going again in the morning. I'LL take mid west bow fishing any time overthis. I'll keep you posted

irydhard 01-09-2012 06:08 PM

good luck hope you get hogzilla

Johnny b 01-11-2012 08:57 AM

well second salt water trip in the books. after paying $5 to launch by boat, i had to replace my skid boards onthe trailer as they were rotted. As long as the boat was in the water i decided to go out for a bit. first time out at high tide. was nice getting around, but sure put the fish deep. saw some dandy sheephead but missed every one. not use to shooting at fish 4 feet deep, you almost have to shoot at your foot to get deep enough. next fewdays suppose to be coudy.
i got a shot at a hog the otherday could notfind my arrow. so after bow fishing i went looking for it. well i shot at the hog on thursday at 3:45pm. found arrow at 3pm on tuesday. i use Nocternals lited nocks. would you believe it was still on, after being on 5 1/2 days could not believeit. So much for 90 hours as they advertise. I was not too keen on traping around in the palmato thickets in the dark. after the owner telling my he has some huge diamond backs on his place. keeps you on your toes.

Johnny b 01-18-2012 06:43 AM

lots of water few fish. went out the other day to a hue bay off gulf. was so shallow once out of marked channel went aground. really was too windy and low tide. shot a few mullet. had a newby from canada with me. he had lots of shots and had a good time even tho he did not hit anything. going hog hunting this afternoon.

HNI_Christine 01-20-2012 02:06 PM

How's the weather? Was 5 degrees here last night. :(

Johnny b 01-21-2012 11:26 AM

well now that you asked, went hog hunting this morning had to wear long pants was in the 60's. finally sun ran me out of the tree at 10am was appraching 80. did not get out hoging yesterday, went by at 9:30 t check on corn i have out. of course there were 3 hogs under my stand. went out bow fishing, shot 6 mullet, one sheephead and a jack. my buddy jack from canada hit his first fish, a mullet. while we were going along there was a 6 foot gator laying under the water right by the shore and we were in salt water. would have taken a picture but doubt if it would have come out with him under the water, i could have poked him with my arrow, but decided against that. My buddy tommy mac from Pa, is flying out next week for a week, critters better look out we will be teaming up on them.

Johnny b 02-02-2012 07:33 AM

Up date. On monday tom & i hit a brackish water canal. Shot some more mullet (that is what you shoot when u are bored) and some spotted gar. Seen a bunch of gators and blue \crab. On monday afternoon we went boar hunting. Tom shot a small one bout 50# we went back on tursday he shot one that was wounded and then another one of 150#. I followed that up with a nice 200 # sow. Was a lot of fun was a spot and stalk hunt. My hog took a step just as i shot but i some how clipped the femoral artery so we got her. Boy these hogs do not bleed like a deer. After shooting 4 hogs not one left a blood trail. Was strickly easing along and looking to find them. One more month to play. To tell the truth i'm ready to get home and do some shed hunting and night carping. Really tough bowfishing down here, few legal species to shoot and all shots are a running shot.

Johnny b 02-25-2012 09:56 AM

Well we are headed back to warm & Sunny Illinois tomorrow. Final tally is one wild pig for me, 3 for my buddy tommy mack, one for cheese head Deb. Shot lots of mullet, sheephead. as far as pole & line fishing, caught sheephead, saltwater catfish, one jack, several lady fish, one flounder and a permit. Got a real dandy eastern diamond back rattle snake skin for my bow. But the best part met some really nice people and had a lot of fun showing them how to bowfish and having happy hour bout every evening. Looking forward to shooting some easy carp./ do not think i had one sitting still shot the whole time down here. And DO WE STILL HAVE A CLUB?

carpsniper 02-25-2012 06:19 PM

Did you see any of the big pythons?

Johnny b 02-28-2012 04:55 AM

No and trust me I was looking. talking to the locals they are not as much as a problem as the media is letting on. The guy who took us on the air boat tour is a 'cracker' meaning born raised and has lived in florida his whole life. Well neither him or any of his buddies have ever seen any. Here is the kicker you have to be licensed by the state to kill one. As of now there are only 8 people in the state who are. Who says only Illinois has stupid rules. They did catch a 14 footer on Marco Island while I was down there. The guide said that 'trust me' there are more of them being eatin my gators, than snakes eating gators.

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