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HotSpots Hunting 02-06-2022 03:22 PM

Swap a Whitetail Hunt for a Elk Hunt.
I will swap a Trophy Whitetail Hunt for a Elk Hunt. Private Land Whitetail for Private land Elk. I would prefer to Camp and my offer also includes Camping. The property I am offering has had a 200" plus killed, a 190 plus killed 2 years ago, Several 150 plus. My neighbor has killed (2) 200" Plus just 2 years ago. I plant several food plots, from Clover, Corn, Beans, Turnips, Raddish, Winter Wheat, Sunflowers. I prefer Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Utah. I do not have any points and would have to get OTC tags or apply for non point units. I would have 2 people with me 1 Camera man and 1 Caller. It would be just me hunting unless you want to do two hunters for two hunter swap. I am in Illinois, in Brown County on the Pike County line border. We are considered the best Trophy Whitetail area in the world. This Property Has been strictly managed for Trophy Whitetails. You can bring your own stands and pick your spot or you can use our heated box blind. We do have many stands hung as well.

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