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Montana Man 03-03-2011 05:32 AM

Hunt Montana
We are a working cattle ranch of over 10,000 acres in SE Montana hunting district 705. We have divided the ranch into two parts for hunting. We have a rustic cabin with electricity, microwave, outhouse, and 2 wood stoves that we can fit 8-10 hunters in comfortably, but no running water or plumbing. It is in a very remote area of 2,200 acres of private land that offers Mule deer, Elk, and Mountain Lion hunting. The road getting in and terrain is difficult so early season hunting offers the best results before the snow. The terrain is a mix of rough draws and hills with widespread ponderosa pines switching to a more sagebrush prairie as you go west.
The rest of the land is around our ranch house that offers Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, and Antelope hunting. It is more flat, open area, with a few trees, and our hay fields. It has an older trailer house that we have fixed up some for 2-3 hunters at a time. It offers electricity, refrigerator, microwave, TV/DVD player, and an outhouse, once again no plumbing or water. The county road sits right next to our house, but it is more of a dirt road not gravel, so we try to work with you as best as we can to find a week of good weather so you can get in and out.
We ask that you stay on existing roads, bring your own food and water, take your garbage when you leave, and we do not guarantee a kill. If you have a camper/RV, you can plug it in to our electricity for no additional charge. We do not guide. We will give you maps of the place and show you around the first day you come and then after that we let you hunt on your own. You can go out and spot/stalk, sit and wait, or do whatever works best for you. We do not double book hunts so when you come, you (and your friends) will be the only hunters on either place. We are more geared towards buddies getting together for a week of good friends, good times, and good hunting. A four wheel drive pickup is mandatory for the roads out here. We have some public land next to us that our neighbors have the lease on, and we ask that you do not hunt it to keep everyone happy even after hunting season.
With the elimination of outfitters all their tags were put in the general drawing. We can sponsor deer hunters, but that does not guarantee tags or cheapen them. A sponsored hunt requires paperwork for us and you that is given out in January and must be returned to the Game Fish and Parks in Helena on or before March 15 of each year. For the hunters we already sponsor, they only get tags roughly every other year. We cannot buy out of state tags, so you will need to purchase them before coming out and it is not included in our rates. With more tags in the general drawing, I think that is the best way to try and get tags. Our hunting rates plus the cost of the tags are cheaper than most guides/old outfitters. If you have further questions call (406) 972-4568. This is hunting so if you have medical conditions or hope to just drive around and bring home a Boon and Crocket this might not be what you are looking for.

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