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melsheeba 11-05-2007 10:44 PM

Guided Snow Goose Hunting
Guided Snow Goose Hunts next winter and greatly extend your Snow Goose season. Probably the most astounding sight of all waterfowl hunting is to witness Thousands of Greater Snow Geese (7 - 10 lbs.- WOW!!!) at daybreak coming at the goose rig in one of the many fields that DOA Outfitters hunts in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware on the Delmarva Peninsula. The ONLY place in the world that Greater Snow Geese winter. About 5 months out of the year. Experience the excitement of laying on your back as the Snow Geese start their infamous white, cyclonic swirl over the rig as they gradually descend into the decoys with a deafening honking roar so loud you can barely hear the guide holler "TAKE EM". The real test begins now as you try to focus and pick out just one to shoot with each shot instead of emptying your shot gun into a white wall of feathers. Don't think you can't miss. We also harvest Canada Geese and Puddle Ducks in almost all of our trips while hunting the Greater Snow Goose. In addition to our fantastic snow goose hunts, we also offer excellent Sea Duck Hunting & Puddle Duck / Diver Hunts. [align=center][align=center][align=center]MARYLAND, DELAWARE, & VIRGINIA - Lodging, Meals and WHITETAIL (Archery) AND FOX(Rifle) HUNTING Included - $825/3 days - $300/Day for Single Day Hunts - [/align][align=center]Season runs approx. Sept. 1 through Jan. 29th

- Waterfowl & Upland Gamebird $400/Day Semi-Guided Hunt. Hunts run from Sunday to Sunday. No hunting on Sunday in Canada. Sundays are always travel days.
Goose Hunts are an additional $50/Day. This hunt includes lodging and meals.
[/align]MARYLAND, DELAWARE, & VIRGINIA - Lodging, All Meals and [/align][align=center]Season runs approx. Sept. 1 through Jan. 29th

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