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adhcompany 10-21-2019 10:16 AM

Rez Monsters nightmare outfitter
Booked a Canadian Moose hunt through booking agent Worldwide Hunting ( Ritchie Botta) with Rez Monsters out of Saskatchewan. What a nightmare.
hunt was to be all inclusive - license, meals, lodging, transportation in the field, game care.
Partner and I were ready to leave after 1st day. Guide had no transportation..Guide was 1 day late (said he functioned on "Indian Time")
No facility to check rifle zero
Hotel was horrible and had bed bugs and was wife wasn't happy about me bringing some home
meals were sporadic as restaurants didn't open until 8:30 am after we were gone into the field..and closed at 8:00 pm before we got back. We missed many meals and barely got coffee as outfitter didn't make provisions.
Guide didn't know the areas for us to hunt very well so we downloaded Ihunt app to phone and made our way around. Reservation had very little land available to hunt.
Guide got drunk at night and wasn't much use most of the time...although he was personable after he woke up from his hang overs.
out of sheer luck and fortune, we did connect with a immature Bull Moose, and when it was time to field dress didn't even have a knife..partner & I did it..
after this we were going to leave for home but again decided to subject ourselves to the winds of fortune in case just maybe we could find another moose..cow or bull didn't matter.
We drove hundred and hundreds of miles in circles finding the small patches of land we could hunt on.....and finally got to spot another immature Bull which I shot. Guide no knife..not much help but we completed our journey that day
and went home.
Ritchie Botta of Worldwide Hunting (booking agent) was contacted after I got home, and made excuses and said his other hunters did good with no complaints...didn't offer any refunds compensation for use of our truck and the hundreds of miles we drove
not even fuel compensation for food we got a gas stations when we could was obvious he never checked the Outfitter out.

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