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Matchbook454 04-14-2014 08:54 AM

2 Thumbs up for Legend Waterfowl
Anyone looking for an awesome Rio Grand turkey hunt should highly consider hunting with Legend Waterfowl. Troy Campbell is a top notch outfitter and a gentleman. Couldn't have asked for a better hunt or more accomodating outfitter.

CalHunter 04-14-2014 10:17 AM

Thread moved to Outfitter Reviews since it's the appropriate forum and people look in this forum for this kind of real world feedback. Could you elaborate on your hunt and where this outfitter conducts hunts? It seems like there are more posts this year where members are looking for good outfitters.


Matchbook454 04-14-2014 04:41 PM

He's in nw OK and hunts waterfowl, deer, Rio Grand and Merriams Turkeys as well as hogs. I did a 3 day unguided hunt and to say that the toms were henned up is an understatement. He moved me as well as two other pairs of hunters around from property to property (he has a lot) so that we could locate toms which were workable and not henned up. We were all successful and were on birds every day and on every property. I am going back next year and would highly recommend him as an outfitter. I'd love to hunt waterfowl with him as well as he hunts Alberta Canada, MT and OK and gets birds that we don't see much here in IL.

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