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Oklahoma Hunting Red Stag Buffalo Elk Dear Exotics

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Oklahoma Hunting Red Stag Buffalo Elk Dear Exotics

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Default Oklahoma Hunting Red Stag Buffalo Elk Dear Exotics

After spending nearly fourteen hours traveling to southeastern Oklahoma by car for my first Exotics wildlife hunt, I was more than a little excited as I pulled up to the front gate at the entrance to the Triple S Exotics Wildlife Ranch, owned by Steve Seibert.

I'd finally arrived at the Triple S Exotics Wildlife Ranch is Calvin, Oklahoma, and I couldn't wait to be in the woods. Steve Seibert (owner) and Norm Miller (Manager) quickly greeted me at the gate via intercom, they welcomed me to the Triple S Exotics Wildlife. The gates opened and my adventure began. Actually my adventure began shortly before I got to the main gates as you can see exotic wildlife in the front pasture. I could see BlackBucks, Elk, Watusi, WhiteTail deer, Yak, Fallow deer and a couple of others I was not sure what kind of animal they were. I drove down the driveway to the main lodge, a fantastic rustic building and very large. Steve Seibert and Norm Miller made me feel completely at home with there warmth and hospitality. I walked into the main lodge and all I can say is WOW!!! Wall to wall, floor to ceiling, over 300 mounts from all across the world. To name just a few , Lion, Mountain Lion, Moose, Bear, Fallow Deer, WhiteTail Deer a few smaller creatures that looked like miniture dear. There were pheasants, Fish, Birds, Wolf, Buffalo, Hippo, Rhino, Water Buffalo, it is an awe inspiring site. I threw my bags into my lodge room and I was introduced to my Guide Robert

Robert and I got right to it, Robert grabbed a Polaris Ranger Binoculars a couple of shooting sticks and off we went deep into the 3000 acre's of forest, flatland and valleys on the Triple S Exotics Wildlife Ranch. I told robert I was after a giant hog. I was looking for a fantastic trophy and all that meat. pork roasts, chops, ribs, steaks. I was hopeing to harvest a 500 - 900lb hog.
Fifteen minutes and a 1/2 mile or so later, I arrived at the hog pasture. In the distance I could see a few hogs running around 200 maybe 300 lbs. Also saw a litter of babies about 8 of them. These were not the hogs I was after. Oh no! I would settle for nothing less than a giant hog before I went home.

The wind began to quiet, as did my thoughts, and I relaxed and became rejuvenated by my surroundings. I'd had a four-month reprieve from hunting and my spirits soared as I listened to the birds and inhaled the moist spring air. Robert and I got out of the Polaris and he said "I believe I know where we may find your monster hog!

We stalked hogs for Forty-five minutes, I have never seen anyone move as silently as my guide Robert did. Robert waved his hand down, motioning for me to squat out of site. He then motioned me over to him, putting his finger to his lips letting me to be very quite. When I got to my guides position he pointed south and did not say a word. There it sat, a giant black hog, this beast had to weigh in at over 500LB, it was the most fantastic hog I had ever seen.

Robert set up the shooting stick, my eyes focused on his heart and although I was aware a broadside, double lung shot was the highest-percentage shot on hogs, I couldn't resist this shot opportunity. I aimed my rifle I calmly depressed the trigger and watched my bullet hit its mark. Immediately upon impact he hurled himself forward and spun around twice snorting and grunting in earnest. The burly boar then spun off to the south running, but quickly slowed to a walk just 30 yards out. I watched him walk off until I lost sight of him in the heavy brush at 50 yards. Seconds later I heard a loud thrashing in the brush, then silence.

Scanning the ground below I easily spotted the blood, surmising I'd gotten full penetration on the hog. After a short wait I marked the blood trail into the thick cover and returned to camp. My shot had been a good one, and while I knew my hog was down, I didn't want to go in after him quite yet.

Returning just after dark, we easily followed the blood trail and quickly located my downed hog just 60 yards south of of the spot we had been in. I had made a perfect heart shot on my first wild boar...a dandy one indeed!

Perfect weather and great company made for an unforgettable hunt. Thank you Steve Siebert and the entire crew of the Triple S Wildlife Exotics Ranch

If you would like to check out the Triple S WIldlife Exotics Ranch I have there Web address. http://www.sss-ranch.com
You can all call Steve Seibert (owner) 405-220-2221 -- 405-395-2612

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Default Triple S Wildlife Ranch Calvin OK.

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Congratulations on your great Ranch. Just a few short notes to say thank you for such a wonderful week. It was interesting to see all the different animal species throughout the Triple S Wildlife Ranch as we pursued our trophies. The Addax Antelope I harvested, was something I have always wanted as well as that huge White Fallow Deer. Thanks to the great job of skinning and meat processing. I am having you mount both trophies, and they will both go into Scheels Sporting Good Store here in Fargo. The Lodge accommodations were great, and the trophy room was a great place to relax and unwind after a day of hunting. I’ll be back.

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