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Originally Posted by Wipp04th
If ctiller4 is some how associated with the outfitter, he is not helping them in anyway! By bringing this topic back to life, he's brought a lot of views to this thread. Anyone who reads this will at least think twice before booking with the outfitter.
***You got that right and they'll probably think MORE than twice!!!
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Originally Posted by sonakshi
Real Estate in Maine

hello all guys,
my father is doing the hunting and last year he hunted the outfitter and he is not honest. After read your forum i got the new information.specially i like your this site because very well written content with nice comments. excellent!!! great job. looking forward to see more. keep it up for the great work.

***This looks like a Spammer to me with the real estate link above before he even posts in broken English! What do other members think about this one?
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I mistrust anybody with one post unless they just come on to say hi, and they love to hunt.
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Originally Posted by Muley Hunter
I mistrust anybody with one post unless they just come on to say hi, and they love to hunt.
***I hear ya Pete!!!
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Kind of odd to be pushing real estate in Maine and still be communicating in broken English. Smells like spam though.
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Default Another bad experience with Deer Meadows

After reading the reviews here, I feel I need to share my personal experience with Scott and Deer Meadows as well. My review below was mostly discussed directly with Scott before I left, I wanted to be fair to his perspectives. I can summarize the below to say, my experience was pretty poor due to a lack of preparation by Deer Meadows, inexperienced guides, inability to take action under bad weather and a focus on ensuring success for the more valued wealthy clients. If you would like details, Iíve provided below. For anyone considering a hunt with Deer Meadows, I would seriously consider our experience and consider something else. Iím not saying you canít have success, but for the money you are spending you will be better served to keep looking.

Definitely true what the other reviews say, if youíre one of his rich repeat clients, you will have a great time. Repeat customers get the first choices.

New people get brand new guides. My guide, guides 3 wks a yr with DM and was in his second season. He had about as much clue as I did on how to mule deer hunt. He had no binoculars and was using a long range camera as his spotting scope. Maybe somebody is skilled enough to do that, but 90% of the limited deer we saw, were spotted by me. He was a really nice guy, but not the skill level I had expected for a trip this price. He will be a great guide with some experience. His notes as we learned were copious and when he guides next in this area, heíll be waaay more knowledgeable. Scottís justification was that he canít find enough people to guide, but for a client laying this kind of money, itís his job to find a better solution than a poor experience.

The quote of 80%-90% opportunity rate at 40 yds or less isnít in any way true.

The pre-scouting was limited to some night time pics of two bucks on 5,000 acres. Guide had little to no prep of the area we were headed to. He had never guided the area and no additional intel on deer patterns in the area. For a trip of this caliber, I would have expected a knowledge of patterns and pre-planned areas for hunting based on previous scouting. Night time pics at feed buckets is inventory, not scouting.

The hunting conditions were tough while we were out, hot and little to no wind. This is still a hunting trip and I expected to work for it. However, when the entire group (5 hunters in camp) were struggling to find deer and specifically bucks, there was no action taken by the DM team to help locate animals. No work to put additional scouts in the field and locate animals, no urgency on checking game cameras. Scott did go check cameras, but didnít bother to look at or share what he saw until AFTER the next hunt. There was plenty of time to view the photos before the next hunt. I will say, late in the week he did allow us to move areas, but the guides were now starting over with an even more blank slate. The guides had never even visited the areasÖ..

What DID happen is a hunter on a ďmanagement deerĒ hunt bumped a hit-list deer and Scottís repeat client was moved INTO ANOTHER HUNTERíS AREA to harvest the hit-list buck. Despite the target list buck traveling with other potential shootable deer, client was moved to a different part of the property to make way for Scottís more valued repeat client. Who was successful. It got even better when my guide told me about another instance from the last few weeks where a hit list buck was seen but not pursued because ďthat buck is bought and paid for buy another client.Ē Another example of, if you are wealthy enough, youíll have the best experience at Deer Meadows.

Overall, my experience was nothing like it was built up by Scott and was overall completely disappointing. I hope this review helps someone else make a better choice of outfitters.
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Default Deer Meadow Outfitters

Deer Meadow Outfitters provides exceptional outdoor experiences, offering guided hunts in picturesque settings. With experienced guides and a commitment to conservation, we ensure memorable adventures for hunting enthusiasts. For news readers seeking a reliable online platform, Fair Observer is the ultimate destination, offering diverse perspectives on global affairs.
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