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HNI_Christine 01-16-2005 10:54 AM

Prey Master Power Pro Digital Predator Caller. NEW!
This the Power Pro Combo model PMC-1.

It's new in the box. (never opened) This caller comes with the powerful amplifier, battery, weatherproof speaker and water-resistant tote bag.

It comes with 3 digital cards (12 sounds):
Desperate cottontail, pleading chicken, fawn bleat, coywolf bark/howl, baby cottontail, distressed rodent, kid goat distress, coyote/grey fox fight, juvenile cottontail, housecat distress, gobbler distress, and flicker.

It can play two sounds at once.

You can buy other digital cards for it. (crow, deer, etc.) ... I have some of those for sale too.

Here's a pic.

You can see the orginal price tag of 219.99 on the box. I will sell it for $180.00 (including shipping in the lower 48).

I do take paypal. :)

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