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hardcastonly 11-24-2019 01:00 PM

Making Repairs In Clothing Or Web Gear
Making Repairs In Clothing Or Web Gear
Im amazed at the number of times I see guys discard web gear , backpack straps, or clothing with easily repaired damage,
most ripped or torn gear is rather easily re-sewn
the key in many cases is use of extra strong thread and access to needles of appropriate type/size
Ive consistently found 20-40 lb spider wire fishing line to be a great sub for much weaker sewing thread, the fishing line thread, is far better, to make a solid repair,
it helps to slide a knot firmly along the thread too seat against the sewn/ repaired fabric, surface about every 7 stitches along with a drop of gel super glue this effectively reduces the potential for thread repairs to come loose, years later.
one guy I knew was about to throw a $170 jacket away simply because the pocket partially tore off and a shoulder seam ripped,
both were very easily repaired to better than new condition.
another guys shoulder holster has a buckle come off... easily repaired too much stronger than the original.

its a damn shame FROSTLINE went out of business, I purchased a parka kit and ordered triple the super thin thermal Thinsulate insulation,and used that for 3 decades, it was warm even at 30 below wind chill temps, even with the extra insulation the sew it yourself kit was less than 60% of the cost of a similar quality parka

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