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Blaze pink now legal for deer hunting in multiple states! >

Blaze pink now legal for deer hunting in multiple states!

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Blaze pink now legal for deer hunting in multiple states!

Old 10-04-2017, 10:46 AM
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Default Blaze pink now legal for deer hunting in multiple states!


My name is Amanda and I am an avid hunter and fisherman (lady) in Minnesota. I am very excited to see that the law was passed, allowing blaze pink as a legal color of clothing for deer hunting. I have created blaze pink crew necks and sweatshirts that are affordable and durable for the hunting season. I have designed shirts for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, and New York, and after searching today, I see that there is at least three more states that have passed this law that I need to make shirts for. Check them out and tell me what you think!

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Old 10-04-2017, 11:37 AM
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Spam alert
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I work at the Department of Natural Resources in Fergus Falls, MN, my family are waterfowl guides around the area. I have applied for an internship with the Minnesota Conservation Officers and I'm in school for environmental science. Thanks for the warm welcomes, and if you know any lady hunters let them know that they can where pink if you are in a state that permits it. I have gotten some blow back about posting spam, but in my eyes, this gives women a chance to participate in a unique league if you will. I would love to see women hunters post pics from their respective states SOMEWHERE and give them the props deserved. I was hoping to add last names on the hoodies like in highschool to show participation, just another way to get new interest in the outdoors. I am apart of the BOW program through the MN DNR, that is the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program... 44 states and a handful of Canadian providences participate in the group, and I would love to see the numbers sore. One of the biggest projects within the DNR is to find hunting/fishing Recruitment and Retention. Young folks, women, and minority groups are among the lowest numbers. I hope to provide a Women's Waterfowl Program next year. A couple classes in a classroom. Learn the basics.. firearm safety (I'm already a certified instructor), shotguns and ammo, duck classifications, state laws, decoys, spreads. Hold a couple skeet shoots to get the girls confident, and then take them out and let them give her ! The excitement that comes with flocks circling and setting their wings around your decoys is one of a kind. Like the feeling you get in your stomach when you are on a rollercoaster -instant bliss. Any person would appreciate the sport if they had people to teach and believe without the bias. Send me a message on Facebook if you want to be friends, AMANDA LEABO, any advice would be great in my quest to get women into the woods
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Read the forum rules. There is a classified section for a reason.
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this gives women a chance to participate in a unique league if you will.
Im not sure why women cant wear the same hunter orange as everyone else? If your vanity is so high that only pink will get you in the field then...well i feel sorry for you.

The fact of the matter is your very first post here is to sell something and its not in the right place to sell something. Everything else is irrelevant.

That is known as spam.

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Yep, that is a fact.
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...Deleted by CalHunter...

Tha being said, I think we need less government regulation. Bright colors are bright colors.

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Old 10-05-2017, 05:36 AM
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I personally do not see a problem with wearing pink in place of orange where it is legal. Now if that has been keeping someone from hunting then there might be a problem there but having more options is not a problem in my book.

The only downside is that hunters have been conditioned to notice bright orange and associate that color with other hunters. Pink may be closer to the color of some flowers that bloom that time of year in some places and may not be as noticeable since orange has been the color for years. My wife has pink and purple in most of her camo but she still wears the orange during the rifle seasons along with her girly camo lol
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Old 10-05-2017, 11:32 AM
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Pink has been legal in Wi for a couple of years now, I have yet to see a woman wearing pink in the woods, Although I have seen many wearing it in town and stores, Every woman hunter I know refuses to wear pink as all they wish to do is fit in with all the hunters and outdoors folk, Sort of like being one of the Guys ya know
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Just to clarify, this topic is properly placed in the Classified section and is not considered to be spam by HNI rules. If you're not interested, don't buy it. If wearing pink camo draws more women into hunting and the outdoors, that's a good thing as we can always use more #'s and people who vote with us instead of against us.
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