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bowhunter2117 01-05-2008 04:36 PM

homebrew 1040 with yeti board
I’m selling a 1040 case that has the upgraded seal ,flash enhancer, yeti board, .65" Fresnel Lens, 9 Volt battery holder with internal switch, a locking unit that allows you to hang the unit from a woodscrew while you put the python cable on, Hags Three Wire Servo Assembly and Shutter Assembly are also included. The case is drilled for a Sony P32. All you will need is a Sony P32 camera. I’m only selling it because I want to try something a little different with the camera that was in the unit the unit is less than 1 month old it was put out to test for just 24hrs. I’m asking 103$ to your door pay pal

Shown with camera for reference the camera is NOT included

Picture from unit

bowhunter2117 01-06-2008 02:56 AM

RE: homebrew 1040 with yeti board
To clarify since I got several pms on this. Yes the unit is a home brew trail camera. All you will need to complete it is a Sony p32 camera that can be purchased off eBay for 50$. Then all you will need to do is hack the camera and the p32 is a very easy camera to hack as shown in the PDF link . Everything you will need to hack the camera is included the shutter assembly (the little white thing) and you will have a complete unit that will blow away any store bought unit out there in every category trigger speed, flash range, picture quality, it will take day time movies it has a rapid picture mode check out the control board overview link

Camera board features

bowhunter2117 01-06-2008 07:39 PM

RE: homebrew 1040 with yeti board

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