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Nunk 03-04-2005 10:06 PM

Leupold Rifleman......
Just got a Rifleman. 4X12X40. Picked it brand new for $235. Have heard some negatives such as....not multi-coated, 1/2 MOA, not a one piece tube, Leupold is using it's name to sell this, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I look through it and it's sharp and clear. I tend to like it.

Unless I hear horror stories, I am not going to trade it and "spend the extra money" on a Burris FFII, VariXII, Sightron S2, etc.

So, does anybody ACTUALLY have one and what are your thoughts?


thndrchiken 03-05-2005 10:32 AM

RE: Leupold Rifleman......
I have the 2x7x32 on my 7600 35 Whelen. Shooting the 200 gr factory and handloads this scope has held zero with no adjustments for over 300 rds. Optics are just as bright and clear as on my older vari-x 2 2x7. I'd keep it, if anything happens, it still has Leupold's warranty.

Rick James 03-05-2005 02:38 PM

RE: Leupold Rifleman......
I have their 3x9x40 on a Remington 700 in .270. It is a good scope for the price and I have no complaints with it at all. It gets beat on pretty bad when I am hunting and it has never lost zero or had any issues. With all that said, I will probably try a Mueller for my next scope just to see if there are better offerings in this price range. The mueller will probably end up on a .223 that will be used for groundhogs and yotes.

HUNTER74 03-07-2005 11:05 AM

RE: Leupold Rifleman......
I think the Leupold Rifleman is a decent scope, despite it being put down constantly. I have a 2-7x33 Rifleman mounted on a non-ported Marlin 1895G in .45-70 and it has held up to a couple hundred rounds of PMC's 350gr @ 2025 FPS ammo with 100% reliability. Let me tell you, the 7 lb. 1895G kicks quite hard with that load and the Rifleman has been outstanding.

Busch7596 03-07-2005 04:51 PM

RE: Leupold Rifleman......
I just bought one to put on my .30-06. Got it mounted and bore sighted. First 3 shots were almost in the same hole. I can scan and post the target. It was high, but first 3 shot group is that close, I can only highly recommend the scope. Adjusted and was dead on with the 3rd three shot group. I looked at other scopes and have used other scopes and so far, I can pick up my target much quicker. I am field testing it this weekend by trying to simulate hunting scenarios, soi will have more Monday.

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