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Joe G 12-09-2004 05:19 PM

BL Elite 3000/4000 vs. Bushnell Elite 3200/4200
I am told that the only difference between the old 3000/4000 B&L Elite scopes and the new Bushnell 3200/4200 Elite is the new Raingaurd feature, theoretically making the new Bushnells a better scope. Yet, the old B&L's seem to sell on ebay and at dealers that still have inventory for prices higher than new 3200/4200's could be bought. Why? I thought perhaps because the B&L's were made in Japan, and the new scopes eslewhere; but that's not true. The Bushnells are also made in Japan, and in fact at the same factory that the B&L's were (per Bushnell's customer service department).

Why the high prices for the old scopes?

CalHunter 12-13-2004 10:31 PM

RE: BL Elite 3000/4000 vs. Bushnell Elite 3200/4200
Bushnell bought out B&L but it's kind of like owning a Chevy or a GMC. sometimes you're willing to pay a little more for the name. I've had bad luck with Bushnell but would like to try one of the B&L made scopes with rainguard on it. Let us know how they work if you buy one.

Gundigest 12-15-2004 08:16 PM

RE: BL Elite 3000/4000 vs. Bushnell Elite 3200/4200
I have a B&L Elite 4200 in 1.5-6x40 and a Bushnell Elite 3200 in 3-9x40 and I like both scopes a lot. I got my 4200 for $150 because they discountinued the B&L name. The Bushnell name sold better. The Rain Guard coating is awsome you can breath on the scope and still see through it to shoot. My next scope is going to be an Elite 4200 in 2.5-10x40.

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