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Cabelas vs Bass Pro Shop

Old 05-17-2004, 02:31 PM
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Default RE: Cabelas vs Bass Pro Shop

I've never been inside a cabela's but I have been to the bass Pro in spingfield, It was an awesome store but the service was lacking, I order all kinds of stuff online through Cabela's though...
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Old 05-17-2004, 03:00 PM
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Default RE: Cabelas vs Bass Pro Shop

I've been to a few of them Bass Pro stores and bought my fair share of products from them. I have a few issues with getting service at their stores but then there has been instances where someone would go out of their way to do something for me. I think it depends on the store your at, not so much the chain. I'm purchased a few things from Cabelas online as well. I think their prices might be a little better on some things. But I've tried emailing them a couple times with a question about a release and they have yet to get back to me so I'm starting to lose faith in them.
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Old 05-17-2004, 08:08 PM
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Default RE: Cabelas vs Bass Pro Shop

Some of you may have already seen the photos I took at Cabelas new store in Pa. when I posted the link elsewhere. Anyways here it is again if anyone cares to take a look. gg
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Old 05-18-2004, 04:14 PM
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Default RE: Cabelas vs Bass Pro Shop


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Old 05-19-2004, 12:15 AM
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Default RE: Cabelas vs Bass Pro Shop

I'm Cabelas through and through
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Old 05-20-2004, 10:04 AM
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Default RE: Cabelas vs Bass Pro Shop

I just placed an order with Cabelas this morning. THey are my all time favorite.
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Old 05-22-2004, 12:33 AM
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Default RE: Cabelas vs Bass Pro Shop

I was in the Cabela's store in Sydney, NE just this past Monday, got away for a tad under $300 Yankee dollars. First time in the store two years ago cost the mrs. around $700 big ones!
As we were leaving the store this past week, a young couple came through the doors, and you talk about that glazed look in the guys eyes! It appeared that it was his first time in the store. His mouth was open (with big smile) and he was focused on the huge elk racks on the wall. It was a hoot just seeing the expression on his face!

My wife keeps playing the same tape over and over, "Haven't you reached a saturation point yet...?" "NOPE...!"

Have no experience with BP, but have had nothing but great service from Cabela's.
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Old 05-22-2004, 12:41 AM
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Default RE: Cabelas vs Bass Pro Shop

I am fortunate to leave near both Bass Pro and cabelas ans shop at both. When it comes to waterfowling and dog stuff I use cabelas. I think Cabelas has the best customer services bar none. I have had 3yr old waders that started to go bad Cabelas returned them no questions asked. Now Bass Pro on the other hand has a great fishing dept and outlet store that shames Cabelas In KC. BUT BAss Pro Customer services SUCKS I have had problems on several diff occassions. from teenaged salespersons to managers that do not know there ass from a hole in the ground. So with that said CABELAS.
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Old 05-23-2004, 08:47 PM
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Default RE: Cabelas vs Bass Pro Shop

Today I bought a mummy bag and it was marked $129 and it rang up at 159 so a guy went to go check and he said that it was more because i had a long, and it was "starting at" 129 but the display one was a 15 above and not mummy, and the one i had was mummy and -20 but he said that we could split the differance and we only paid 139. It is unbeatable.
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Old 05-28-2004, 05:30 PM
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Default RE: Cabelas vs Bass Pro Shop

I like the both of them ,We don't have either here in Ontario .This Fall Bass Pro will be opening here in Toronto Ontario and I can't wait .

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