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pinesap 12-17-2003 06:15 PM

YAMAHA 660 Grizzly 4x4
Anyone have a YAMAHA 660 Grizzly ? If so what do you think of it. I'm Looking to buy a 4 wheeler.

stubblejumper 12-17-2003 07:20 PM

RE: YAMAHA 660 Grizzly 4x4
I have spent some time riding grizzlies and have to say they handle well and have good power.They have had some problems with cv joints failing and vapor locks but those problems seem to be less common on the latest machines.The only thing keeping me from buying one myself is that they are belt drive and I prefer hondas automatic transmissions to any belt drive.

Gary10ec1 12-17-2003 08:08 PM

RE: YAMAHA 660 Grizzly 4x4
Have spent some time throwing some mud on the 660s. Great rig from what I can tell. Pull really well and can run up around 70mph in 2wd (although why anyone would want to go that fast is beyond me?). Not sure about the belt issue as far as longevity is concerned. But the ride is awesome busting down a pretty rough trail and woops you're running about 45mph.

pinesap 12-17-2003 08:40 PM

RE: YAMAHA 660 Grizzly 4x4
How well do you think it could plow snow? Is there some that will plow better?

James B 12-17-2003 11:47 PM

RE: YAMAHA 660 Grizzly 4x4
I think it would push some snow pretty well. I used one to winch a 500 Bear into a trailer and tow it out of the forest and then about ten miles back to camp. They are a powerful machine. I am going to get one in a couple years when my wife retires and we move back out to our small farm.

Gobbling Buck 12-18-2003 04:16 AM

RE: YAMAHA 660 Grizzly 4x4
pinesap........I just bought an Arctic Cat 400 4x4 and absolutely love it. I've been through some pretty tough terrain here in Alabama and can say, it may not go through everything, but I aint found it yet. It stays stable on hillsides and climbs like a squirrel. The most ground clearance in its class and an independent front/rear suspension, sets comfortable, and has torque and power to spare. It's American made and costs a lot less than the Grizzley. Got a buddy with the Grizzley he likes the bike, hates the payments. With all that said, it'll be yours and if your going to invest that much money, get what you want. I did and am tickled with it. Good luck in your selection.

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Duse500 12-19-2003 03:50 AM

RE: YAMAHA 660 Grizzly 4x4
The newer 660's got the kinks out(vapor lock cv's failing)but they still have the cheap plastic supports and rev limiter kills ya in the mud.As far as the belt goes...most guys that go to belt drive love it.You still have your die hard brand loyal Honda guys that say belt this belt that,but christ they still have drum brakes and 3 wheel drive.The rubi had a good tranny but it was not servicebil(sp)then they came up with the rincon with no low end but hey at least they finally got IRS
I'm a Polaris guy myself..01 SP 500 HO,01 sp 90,97 magnum 425(speedo stoped working at 6000 miles) and a 95 scrambler 400.
I plow with the 500 and the 425.The polaris also has the new gliacer plow system(I just got)you just drive up to it and it hooks the plow up,also the plow raises 13 inches
If I were to think about another bike it would be the Prairie 650 or 700.It dosent have IRS(thats the only flaw IMO),but stright axeles are better for plowing anyway.
As far as ARTIC CATS go I dont know much about them except they are good well built soild bikes.Most guys I know that have them never have any problems

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