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m2fin 12-15-2003 07:21 AM

Spotting Scope/bench rest for sighting in
Made the mistake of trying to sight in a new rifle/scope this weekend, no spotting scope and no bench rest (just bipod).

Any recommendations/experience with Spotting Scopes? Primary use will be sighting in/range use. Trying for the $150 - $200 for spotting scope (what power, etc. should I consider?) Any manu/brand experience?

The bench rests, have seen numerous Hoppes and The Rock for the front. And filled bags/rests for the stock. Most seem to need the front bag/rest for the stand/rest in the front.


stubblejumper 12-15-2003 09:14 AM

RE: Spotting Scope/bench rest for sighting in
Do not use any type of gun vise that clamps the gun or prevents the gun from recoiling naturally as they often effect the point of impact.

trailer 12-15-2003 08:04 PM

RE: Spotting Scope/bench rest for sighting in
I have the 15-45 Wind River Sequoia Spotting scope that I purchased this year. I used it at the range and was satisfied with it. When zooming from 15 to 45 power the viewing area get very small so I always start at 15x to locate the target and zoom in. I was able to see the target well at 100 yards but I haven’t tried it at 200 yards. I would suggest to check the spotting scopes at the store and look at all the brands.

I have a bench rest with a sand bag for the front and sand bags for the back. Seems to work good for me. Holds nice and steady when shooting.˙

Robertesq1 12-19-2003 01:17 PM

RE: Spotting Scope/bench rest for sighting in
Kowa makes top glass and is the brand I most often see being used. Some of the economical models should be in your price range.

Sinclair makes a great table mount which is far stronget that a tripod.

jerseyhunter 12-19-2003 04:17 PM

RE: Spotting Scope/bench rest for sighting in
A couple years ago I picked up a simmons 20x-60x Works great for the price. Well under $200. As trailer says check them out at the stores before ordering threw the mail. Also as he said a sand bag works fine.Cabella's has one called the Ballistic Shooting bag. It has a leather channel where the ou rests. All you have to do is add the sand. It comes with directions on filling. I would recommend it to anyone.

akbound 12-19-2003 04:57 PM

RE: Spotting Scope/bench rest for sighting in
Hi m2fin,

I don't know enough about inexpensive spotting scopes to offer a considered opinion. I have been using a waterproof Redfield for the last 12 years or so and have not had any problems with it. (That new compact Leupold has caught my eye though.) Maybe some other members could give better advice on more current products.

And I normally loathe portable shooting benches. Nearly every one I have ever tried has been a "wobbling disappointment" to say the least. But recently I purchased the following bench:

.....and I was very impressed with it. (In all honesty I didn't try the front shooting support shown in the photo.....I unscrewed it and used sand bags under the forearm instead. I also bagged the rear of the rifle as well. (If I were to try the front rest they supplied I would not rest my barrel on it like pictured. I'd screw it so it was further to the rear so I could support my forearm...not the barrel....on it.) Surprisingly the bench itself was very stable. And the seating system was better than I have found on many "fixed" benches. I am so happy with this bench that I take it along to my gun club range and use it...instead of the built-ins. And if I remember right I paid either $79. or $89. for it at Gander Mountain. (I believe it was on sale for $79.) To say I was shocked at how well it worked.....would be an understatement.

Good luck with your search!

P.S. I know it doesn't look very stable in the first impression too! But on any thing resembling level is wonderful! One of life's little surprises:D

strut 12-19-2003 07:08 PM

RE: Spotting Scope/bench rest for sighting in
Build you a bench for about 25 bucks, get you some empty shot bags and fill them with sand and you are ready, that set-up will perform as good as any thing you can buy or better. As for as a spotting scope I have a 15-45 Tasco on a tripod and you can see bullet holes very plainly at a 100 yards. Have'nt tried it any farther but it just cost about 50 bucks.

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