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270sniper 12-24-2021 07:45 AM

Box blinds
I was looking for any recommendations on a rectangle box blind for 2 people for around $1000. Maybe something like 4 x 6 ft. that I will pace on top of some scaffolding that I just obtained.

I currently have two box blinds that I made over 10 yrs ago that are on top of scaffolding and with the cost of windows & lumber going up again plus my time, I prefer just to buy one. I did check out a maverick octagon blind at a sporting good store that was $1000 but that design would not work for me.

flyinlowe 01-09-2022 10:01 AM

When I was shopping around last year it was still cheaper to build than to buy something commercially made. Unless you just go with a soft ground blind on an elevated platform. I haven't built anything lately but have heard lumber prices are going down gradually. What size are the ones you currently have? 4x6 seems like it might be tight for two adults....

CalHunter 01-09-2022 03:56 PM

How deluxe are you looking for this blind?

270sniper 01-16-2022 08:46 AM

we have several 4 x 5 homemade blinds that is a little tight with 2 guys inside.

I also have a Hughes 4 x 4 box blind that is very tight for tall guys and the plastic roof caves in during snow storms. Also not a fan of their window system

Originally Posted by CalHunter (Post 4401045)
How deluxe are you looking for this blind?

just something with windows directly out front of blind with a door in the back preferably

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