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Hunting Lion With Bow

Old 11-20-2021, 11:37 AM
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There are a lot of outfits doing archery hunts in Africa for all of the dangerous game including elephant. And they do these hunts very successfully. A hunter that knows what they are doing is every bit as deadly with a bow as someone else can be with a rifle. And a well placed arrow with a sharp broadhead will kill just as reliably as a bullet. Anybody that thinks this is not so is ignorant about the subject. Fred Bear was killing lions, tigers and elephant back in the 1960s with a recurve. Howard Hill did the same thing in the 1950s. Millions of big game animals including elephant and rhino have been killed in the course of history with arrows. Think about that for a minute, the modern sporting rifle with smokeless powder is not much more than 120 years old. Before that it was blackpowder firearms and archery.

I suggest anybody that thinks I am full of crap take a moment and look at the SCI record books and see just how many lions, elephant, cape buffalo, rhino and leopard (the African Big Five) have been taken with archery gear. Newsflash, there are hundreds of entries and the only entries that can be entered are animals killed solely with archery and not finished by a PH with a rifle. Just sayin...
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My hat is off to all those big game hunters like Fred Bear who harvested dangerous big game with traditional archery. They were indeed legends and very skilled. The video I mentioned was at about 20 yards and the hunter was hidden behind a ridge just off the ocean and stalked up close. I think he had a backup shooter but watching him rise up out of the scrub 20 yards away to a feeding bear the size of a VW beetle and taking the shot was certainly heart pumping. I don't doubt what flags is saying on how lethal a well placed arrow with quality broad head can be since I have hunted with a bow with many deer kills to my credit over the years. The limitations of course is, if anything goes wrong you generally only get 1 try which can be a deal breaker on dangerous big game. Arrows kill by causing the animal to bleed to death and there isn't the shock and knockdown factor when it comes to dangerous big game. Being that close to the huge grizzly I would have wanted something that would knock him down and hopefully anchor him to the spot eliminating a charge from an enraged 10 foot bear. That is just me though and generally speaking I have never been a thrill seeker.

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I agree, I am asking if flags ever killed dangerous game with a bow.
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Old 11-20-2021, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Oldtimr View Post
I agree, I am asking if flags ever killed dangerous game with a bow.
Nope. I don't hunt archery anymore and have only shot deer with a bow and a crossbow. But I know several PHs in Africa that take out bow hunters for plains game and also dangerous game. It really isn't that unusual. Most of these PHs have multiple bow hunting safaris every season. As I stated, look up the SCI record books and see the hundreds of dangerous game animals taken with archery. As to the OP's question: Stick a sharp broadhead into a lions heart/lung area and you will have to send a skin to the taxidermist because it will definitely kill the cat.
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a lot of folks over fear shooting dangerous game, not that there shouldn;t be concern and for thought to one's actions, but in all honestly when a large animal is shot, be it with gun or archery gear, 99.9% of them will run away, NOT attacked the shooter period!
as if the hunter has done there part right, the animals never knew what happened, to TARGET or single out the shooter!
even when a animal knows the hunter is present, they still 99% of the time, run away after being shot
yes some animals are more known to attack, maybe than others
and that might be due to maybe shooters making poor hits more than being singled out IMO!
I am, personal friends of several guides that hunt dangerous game animals in a few different countries!
and have talked to them about how often attacks happen after shots in the past, and they have all told me the same thing, its a low odds deal, and a lot comes down to a poor shot more than a anything!

and that be's with a firearm or archery gear, poor shot is a poor shot
a hit to the vitals in just that as well with either one!
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