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ltmitchell 01-21-2020 09:18 PM

Looking for a backpack
I am looking for a backpack that can carry a rifle. I'm not really sure what they are called but I have seen some where there is a pouch that hangs down, you put the rifle stock in there and then carry the pack. I was hoping someone could give me some direction as to what type of backpack I am searching for or which ones are good. Not trying to break the bank here with a $150+ pack. Any advice will help

Bocajnala 01-22-2020 03:06 AM

I've moved your post out of the black powder forum to the correct section.

Good luck on your search!


archeryrob 01-23-2020 07:45 AM

Mine doesn't carry the rifle but I pull the sling over the left shoulder strap and use the chest clip to secure the sling. No worries about it trying to slide off my arm if I don't hold on to it all the time.

Nomercy448 01-23-2020 09:28 AM

What other features do you need from the pack? How much capacity? Whatís the application in which youíll be utilizing the pack? How quickly do you need to access the rifle from the pack?

These answers will guide recommendations for which pack. For example, I carry my rifle in my pack during a 12 day hunt, for which I use a Mystery Ranch 6500 pack with NICE frame, in conjunction with an MR Load Sling as a rifle carrier. This is a huge pack, capable of transporting everything I need to make it 12 days on a remote mountainside and includes modularity to haul meat on the frame and load sling when big game hunting.

Alternatively, I also carry a rifle in my pack during precision rifle matches at certain ranges where we might walk 3-4 miles each day between stages with ~20lb rifles, support bags, ammo, and gear. Donít need the capability to haul meat, donít need the capacity to haul camp and 12 days of clothes and food, just need room for ammo, support bags, and limited match gear. But it does need sufficient organization to store several small and administrative items like rangefinder, weather meter, chamber flags, data book, etc. For this, I have an Eberlestock LoDrag II. Much smaller than my mountain pack, but plenty big for the purpose, and still has the ability to haul my rifle and all of my gear.

Personally, I believe a person gets what they pay for in packs. Kifaru and Mystery Ranch are the two ďtop lineĒ packs I recommend for external frame packs. Eberlestock is more affordable, and great quality for internal frame packs. Eberlestock makes a great variety of weapons carry packs in various sizes.

Julie_stephen 02-06-2020 02:42 AM

Hey Itmitchell, Always try to have the rifles in your shoulder by hanging.It is more comfortable and even safety.The remaining things essential for hunting can be backpacked.For that you can go for suitable backpack depend upon the capacity,weight etc.,

Unclerooster 06-09-2020 09:25 PM

Iíve been using the badlands 2200 it comes with a rifle boot with the pack and a bow boot can be purchased separately for around $25.00 if I remember correctly

Strowbri86 09-28-2020 03:37 PM

Originally Posted by Bocajnala (Post 4369130)
I've moved your post out of the black powder forum to the correct section.

Good luck on your search!


This sounds awesome

Viking1204 12-09-2020 07:49 AM

I found my latest backpack at Academy Sports and Outdoors, they sell what I think is their own brand called Magellan and from what I can tell it's a really good brand. Not sure if they have one that will hold a rifle but they did have a good variety. Myself I like loading up the backpack with everything I need for the hunt and then carrying the rifle on a shoulder sling which keeps my hands free and allows for a quick shot if need be. You just never know when walking out, I'd hate to miss a good shot on a nice deer because my rifle was behind me on my backpack and not easily accessible.

spencer haws 02-04-2021 09:30 PM

choose wisely
Nothing brings a good hunt down like taking a deer and then realizing you have no way of taking the meat back to your camp.

A good hunting backpack will make or break your hunt, especially if you need to hike to your hunting location.

Rob in VT 02-27-2021 05:07 AM

I have a Tenzing 4000 which has a built in rifle holder on it. There is also a compartment between the pack and frame which you can put a quarter in for the first trip out. I have had the pack for 5-7 years now and overall like it.

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