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ChewyWalker 11-10-2019 06:30 PM

Waterproofing & Scent control?
I have been planning my first Whitetail hunt in Michigan. There is a good chance of snow and/or rain the days I will be out. The gear I have is water resistant but not water proof. I have plans to use a waterproofing product like "Atsko Silicone Water Guard." I also want to use a scent blocker spray for additional help, even if it just puts me more at ease than the Deer.

My question is, has anyone done/used this combination before and in what order should I apply the products? I am thinking to apply the scent blocker first to get it into the fabric, then apply the waterproofing spray and possibly adding another layer of scent blocker as a third layer once the 1st and 2nd applications has dried.

Please any info/techniques are appreciated!

Nomercy448 11-10-2019 08:07 PM

DWR coatings are not waterproofing - theyíre simply more water-resistance. Unless you EXCEPTIONALLY thickly coat the seams to replicate waterproof taping, youíll still find your seams leaking after a bit of movement in the rain. Waterproof clothing are constructed of membrane laminate fabrics with taped seams - itís far more than just a fabric coating.

Personally, I have killed far too many animals, especially predators, with absolutely NO money spent on scent proofing to ever believe any of the hype. Chemically and biologically, most of the pseudoscience we see around scent control products on the market is completely bogus. So if you do end up spraying, donít lose a wink of sleep. Keep the wind in your face, and youíll be miles ahead in that race.

The best idea I can offer you for your pending soggy britches hunt is to buy an inexpensive set of rain covers to go over your other hunting gear. Or buy expensive rain covers, if thatís your taste. I have a set of Sitka Cloudburst and Kuiu Chugach rain gear to keep me dry - just thin layers to throw on top of my warmer gear, or to wear stand alone, which are 100% waterproof in materials and construction. I also have a few clear plastic ponchos in my pack, and a few $20 rubber pull over sets. All of them keep me dry, some make me sweat more than others, some have better pockets for accessories, some are quieter... but all keep me dry...

mrbb 11-11-2019 05:24 AM

I agree, your way better off buying some real rain gear, BUT keep in mind if tempos will be close to freezing, , a lot of rain gear gets REAL loud and stiff
some yrs back they sold some umbrellia's for hunting that mounted over the top of your tree stand and such, to shed most of the falling rain.
I have owned a LOT of high end hunting clothing, and ALL if it, gortex/dry plus, you name it, after a LOT of rain use, will bleed thru in time,
IF I really want to hunt in heavy rains or long hours on a stand in the open in the rain, I wear in my neoprene chest waders
and some GOOD light rain gear and wear a normal fleece jacket over the top of it!
But to be honest anymore I just don't hunt in the rain anymore, don't enjoy it, unless its light and off and on like
All day rain and such, I stay home, got soft maybe as I got older, or, got smarter??
I love hunting in snow, and again, I have now more or less gotten away from all the gore text and like gear when its snowing, and VERY COLD OUT!
I wear good higher end , wool or fleece gear, never had a issue with snow getting me wet, unless again, its very WET rain like snow!

then again I wear my rain gear above(neoprene waders and rain jacket under a outer layer that is quiet!
Neoprene does get stiff or LOUD like most other rain gear, when it gets cold

now as for coatings?

some of my wool and fleece is treated with a SO called water repellent coating (DuPont coating from NEW OEM clothing maker added it)and water does bead up and runs off it really well, and takes a LONG time to soak thru in normal snow and even light rain, but I would call it water proof at all!

rogerstv 11-11-2019 09:10 AM

I seriously doubt you can cover up the scent of the water repellent spray with one or two scent killer applications. The deer will still smell it.

Mihajlo Simsic 11-23-2019 12:26 AM

The way deer sense smell is so complex we can't even imagine what it's like. Let's imagine that you could kill all the scent on your body, you will simply produce more through your breath and sweat. Doesn't matter how much scent killer you apply, if you're up wind they will smell you. The ONLY way to combat the deer's nose is by being down wind. You can find many hunters that have killed dozens of deer without ever spending a penny on scent killer.

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