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mthusker 04-28-2019 12:50 PM

Hay bale blinds
I would like to hear from folks who have used them...did you make your own or buy premade one? How much money and how well have they held up. I am thinking of putting a couple up here in Montana , however I am a little concerned on how they will hold up with the winds in our area. Obviously I would somehow anchor to the ground. I would also store them in off season indoors.

mrbb 04-28-2019 03:00 PM

the problem with using HAY to make blinds is, MOLD moves in rather fats after a few months of sitting, there, a, replace every yr deal, not a set up and have for yrs deal!
and again, pending on weather, depends on how fast mold gets into things
if you farm, you should already know about mold on hay bales!
and breathing mold in is a risk, many folks shouldn't take IMO

a TIP if your going to use hay bales, place a pallet under things first, to get the most air flow on all sides of things
deer do get used to things fast, so set them up, as close to the season as possible, as to building them months in advance
a week or two is all deer need to see them and get used to things from my experience!

Wingbone 04-29-2019 01:29 AM

Ok, I gotta ask this: Are we talking about blinds that look like big round bales or are we talking about blinds that are made out of hay bales?

mthusker 04-29-2019 07:49 AM

A blind made to look like a simple round bale.

mrbb 04-29-2019 12:15 PM

OK< well then you can disregard my above , as that was giving thinking you wanted to use actual hay bales to make a blind

NOW< as for commercial built blinds, there are a lot of company's making them these days, , best advice is go look at some and look at the build quality
some are made WAY better than others, but there NOT cheap
another option is to just make your own, can be made on wheels or skids, so it can be moved when needed

another great blind option is , get a old hay wagon and build one on top of that, gets you better viewing, and very easy to move about!

as for deer caring if it LOOKS like a hay bale or not, I don;t think they care, all that matters is giving it some time to sit and them to get used to it, and then, a HUGE part of things is getting in and out of it without deer knowing your in it!
deer are smart they see you get in and out a few times, they will avoid things!

mthusker 04-30-2019 09:34 AM

mrbb, did you even read my entire OP or just see "hay bale blind" and start your own, LOL. You would do well to re-read it and if you have input that I originally asked about, please, tell me about it.

mrbb 04-30-2019 01:18 PM

Originally Posted by mthusker (Post 4355502)
mrbb, did you even read my entire OP or just see "hay bale blind" and start your own, LOL. You would do well to re-read it and if you have input that I originally asked about, please, tell me about it.

WELL mthusker, yes I did read your post WHOLE thing
but you did NOT ever state what material you wanted to BUILD ot MAKE a blind out of, so that could have meant using a HAY for the project, be it entirely OUT of HAY, and or to coat the structure
and YES I have hunted out of TONS of blinds, both build by individuals(including me)(, and commercial blind, that have been MADE to look like hay bails and made of again HAY bails
SO< maybe you should not be so quick to think someone that was TRYING to help you, is WRONG!

as for again HELPING you
the materials you can use are endless, and with that being said, so are the costs then, so unless you ask about certain materials , there is NO way to honestly answer you on HOW thing hold up, as its a unknown variable ??

they can be as simple as you like or as expensive as you wish
a GOOD heavy duty blind will NOT blow over in the wind either, staking it down is your option though
my last blind I made out of all pressure treated wood and structure screws!
it cost me about a grand to make, weighted in at over 1,000 lbs and wasn't being blown over by winds even in MT(which I have spend a LOT of time in too by the way)

I have personally BUILT about 25+ blinds in the past 10 yrs, so I have some honest experience in building them,
I personally know the folks that make some commercial blinds that are sold across the USA, and have again hunted out of several dozen or more over the yrs, in many states and in Canada as well!
so, what do I know??

ignorance is Bliss so, I will not expect much of appreciation from you in my trying to help you!

mthusker 05-01-2019 03:59 PM

What am I ignorant about? I asked a couple questions, neither of which you have answered in your 3 replies? *edited*, but that is just a guess.

mrbb 05-01-2019 06:03 PM

**edited out**
as I did answer your VAGUE post where you did NOT ask any special question
your like asking how do blue pickup trucks last!
so many options styles sizes, its a endless questiion?
you started to being **edited**, so I complied with the same!

there are SO many factors MISSING in your post, I cannot help you with more specific answers, NOR can anyone else, in case you didn;t notice, only one that;s been TRYING to help you has been ME, and one other guy that even he didn;t know what you were talking about on materials?.
every thing I post is honest and true information on your vague question

did you make your own or buy premade one?
well I answered this too, I stated I have BOTH made my own and have been in commercial made ones?

How much money and how well have they held up
HOW Long do they last??
well, this again comes down to how well there made and of what materials
so again ANSWERED your question!
HOW do you NOT get this is a ANSWER to your again vague question?? **Edited** or don't comprehend basic English!

again, I answered this already, and will again as your slow?
this all comes down to what type of blind your using, name brand, who built it, what materials its built out of

however I am a little concerned on how they will hold up with the winds in our area
again I answered this too, both with stating why and that i HAVE been hunting in MT and been in MT for countless other things,so
answered this too?

SO WHAT part of your post did I NOT answer with GOOD honest information??
maybe before you think someone is being a bully, look in the mirror and before you accuse someone of NOT answering or reading your POST/TREAD
maybe read the answers they gave you!

again ignorance is Bliss, and you sir are proving this over and over, to a GUY that has been TRYING to help you!

old saying ask better questions get better answers, we are NOT mind readers s to what details you know, or don't!
ALL my info I gave answered ALL your questions, including I gave info on IF you planned to BUILD things out of REAL hay!
I know your getting SO much help from everyone you don;'t need mine, after all I only have REAL experience with blinds of ALL shapes and styles! and built so many over the yrs I lost track of how many!

SO< **edited** your welcome too by the way of !! LOL

mthusker 05-02-2019 06:46 AM

I did not take time to read your latest diatribe, you should just move on, you offer no worth while info to my post, do something constructive, get a hobby, a charity, do something besides rant on here.....

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