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EShoreMD 04-07-2018 11:30 AM

Anyone use Woolx base layers? Looking for opinions. I think I'm going with a heavy merino wool base layer for this years colder months.

First Lite looks good I'm just concerned with their warranty. Looks like they have a 30 day compared to woolx's lifetime.

Gear will be used for stand hunting.

thomascarney 09-29-2018 03:33 AM

WoolX are a budget brand of merino wool clothing, so they do offer very good value for money (and based in upstate New York). First Lite is more up market and focused on the hunting market, so the prices reflect that.

In my experience, merino offers great performance advantages (dries fast, no smell, keeps you warm/cool depending on conditions) but it is not a material that will last as long as synthetics. Therefore, woolx's lifetime warranty is certainly attractive (Darn Tough also offer such a guarantee on their socks, which are also worth checking out).

Berserker 09-30-2018 10:01 AM

Originally Posted by thomascarney (Post 4342981)
WoolX are (and based in upstate New York). .

With new zealand sheep, made in china. Being from east coast does not do much for me.

Me and the gf both bought top and bottoms mid and light for snowmobile, and snowshoeing. If you wear heavy weight you probably would wear anything over it other than a shell unless really cold or not moving.

Upper 40s and rain yesterday, I rode with midweight. Before the rain I put chaps on. I was toasty. Nice winter day went out for 100 miles with heavy plus layers.

I said I would never spend this kind of money on long johns. WoolX does do promo show watch the site or get emails. I got 15% off and free shipping. 10% seems sorta of common.

Heavy or mid, is hard to say. What are you doing and what are you wearing on top? Heavy bibs, I would go with mid probably. What sucks, expensive but typically you need diffent weight for different situation. I wear cheap thin ones this time of year.

EShoreMD 01-28-2019 01:08 PM


Been almost a year since I started using WoolX clothing. Our deer season ends Thursday here in Md. Ive gotten a little carried away with this stuff I like it so much. Ive dropped over a grand on various articles of their stuff. Even bought all my Christmas presents from them. The only other thing I have that is merino wool in a FirstLite balaclava that also is very nice so I can't really compare WoolX to others. That said I think the WoolX stuff is super comfy and warm. If you're looking for some merino wool gear id definitely recommend WoolX.

270sniper 01-28-2019 01:58 PM

For Christmas I got a pair of expedition weight minus 33 long johns. I only wore them twice and I thought they were very comfortable and did not itch. They were cheaper than First lite. I never. Looked into the wool x

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