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MudderChuck 04-21-2017 06:56 AM

Sounds like a small thing, then why have I had to buy and try so many ober the years to find a good one?

The hat I now have is almost perfect, except it is twenty years old and about worn out.

The brim big enough to keep the rain off of my glasses, soft enough not to interfere with the scope. Mine used to be water resistant, it was impregnated. Soft enough to mold to my head, really no front or rear to it, just plop it on the noggin. Soft enough to stuff in a pocket.

I prefer just a plain old olive drab color, thinking about Gortex.

Any recommendations appreciated. Trying to save some money by not buying something I'll never wear twice. :)

Oldtimr 04-21-2017 08:36 AM

I wear a Fedora style hat and to meet the requirements of the fluorescent orange law I have an orange band around the crown that attaches to itself with Velcro. Keeps the rain and sun off my face.

Hatfield Hunter 04-21-2017 09:15 AM

For hunting and just kickin around outside I still wear a jones style hat, Now they come in goretex which is nice, bill just long enough for glasses, can be all pulled down, cn be crushed still works try cabela,s

Sheridan 04-21-2017 04:38 PM

Only way to fly here in SoCal.

I cover the cap if need be.........................

If I am expecting rain

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