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Opinions about buying camo...

Old 04-11-2017, 10:30 AM
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Quality, waterproof, and quiet are my characteristics of choice. Whitetail/bowhunting is my main quarry/method. So, pocket placement is a secondary concern. Breast pockets can grab the string upon release. And, a lined pocket with easy hand placement and removal is a bonus.

IMO - Under Armour is overpriced junk except maybe their dry-fit shirts. They are just overpriced.
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Old 04-12-2017, 11:25 PM
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Quality comes first for me. Sometimes the higher the price the higher the quality but its not always like that.
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Old 04-13-2017, 02:29 PM
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If it comes down to it I am willing to pay for the quality of material in my hunting clothes. I could really care less what camo pattern I get with something that will keep me warm and dry. Some of my items are plain old green or black, they do the job better than most camo clothing you could find at a store.

My reasoning is simple. If I can sit all day in raining, snowing, or freezing conditions I am better concealed than being miserable and constantly moving or giving up for the day. Movement is the a close second to scent control when it comes to game knowing you are on the hunt.
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Old 04-13-2017, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by GOOD OLE BOY
I,ll never own Digital or that Krytick crap in any shape or form.
My company safety guy, also army reserve, gave me a Condor hat in Kryptek camo as a gift. I googled the price of a matching jacket and almost soiled myself. That is a lot of cash to shell out for a camo pattern that doesn't come in anything exceptionally warm or dry. I bet it is the Gucci of the tacticool crowd.
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Originally Posted by d80hunter
Movement is the a close second to scent control when it comes to game knowing you are on the hunt.

That's when "fashion" counts the least - right ?

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I think the most important thing about camo is the ability to eliminate the human silhouette. 99.99% when archery hunting I always wear a leafy / ghillie suit.
So many people have been fooled by the big camo companies that advertise based on looking good to the human eye in the store or in pictures. But animals see these patterns completely different than humans. 99% of big box store camo is a waist of $$. At any distance what so ever you just look like a big black blob. To me thats a total waist of a few hundred dollars so I can look good at hunting camp. I would much rather spend less than $100 on a leafy suit and actually blend in while hunting. Guess I'm not one to try and impress my hunting buddies at camp with my new $500 sitka suit.

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Old 07-27-2017, 11:41 AM
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I buy some real expensive camo and end up sitting inside a ground blind all season!

I really like my Sitka pants in Optifade open country.
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Old 08-08-2017, 02:25 PM
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Buy what you like and fits your needs Myself and kids buy from the mossy oak store on line for a lot of our stuff , and hit cabellas for the rest. We use gortex , fleece and wind shear clothing not as pricey as some but great quality camo is a little overrated Sitka , predator and such good stuff no doubt but not needed , like scent lok clothing ozonics etc .. buy what you like not what others or the so called pros think you need or can't do with out don't buy into the gimmicks ..
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My preference goes to the quality of the clothing. Primarily, how insulating it is compared to its bulk.

As far as patterns go, I prefer lighter Realtree AP for earlier in the season or when in tree stands, and darker Mossy Oak Break-up when hunting on the ground at field edges or when within my blind. That said, on any given hunt I'm more likely than not wearing a mix of different patterns on different articles of clothing.
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I don't use camo when I hunt. I wear what I want. What I want to wear is forest green wool pants, a red checked wool shirt, and a brown, tan, and green mottled colored parka (camo -- sometimes you can't buy outdoor clothes that ARE NOT camo!). This has worked for deer hunting and elk hunting. I am not a trophy hunter, so maybe you need to wear camo to bag trophies. You don't need camo to hunt normal elk and deer. People used to hunt big game without camo until fairly recently -- say until 20 years ago. Having said this, I have no problem with folks who choose to wear camo.

I think important factors in hunting are (1) sitting in shadows, (2) having various kinds of clutter around you like a tree trunk behind you, brush in front of you, that break up your outline, and (3) being very still. (4) when you do move, move slowly. It may be that these factors are more important than camouflage in keeping from being seen by animals. If you do use camo, don't forget to take advantage of these four things I mention here also.
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