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I have a ONCE IN A LIFETIME tri-color AKC registered 14 ½" old school Shake x Littleman male that I"m selling. Tick is 6 years old & is a SUPER STRONG dog " will hunt ALL day and then some, day after day. His stamina, grit, & desire are unreal. After a full day hunt when all the other dogs are dragging *ss and following at our feet on the way back to the trucks, he"s the only one I have to watch b/c he wants to keep hunting. On a 1-10 scale, he runs about a speed 8 and that"s why I"m selling him, he"s way too much for my other dogs. He"s got EXTREME hunt & is a phenomenal jumpdog. You WILL NOT find a dog that will out hunt, out jump, or out nose him. When we hunt, if we jump 10 rabbits you can be rest assured he jumped 8-9 of them himself. He has tons of brains and A LOT of talent. There were many days that we wouldn"t have circled a rabbit w/o this dog. Our "08 Wisconsin snowshoe hare trip was one of those times. The other 3 dogs just couldn"t get it done and we had 1 Field Champion, the FCs daughter who placed 3rd in her class at the AKC Nationals this year and another male dog. If it wasn"t for Tick, there"s no doubt we would have come home empty handed. As a matter of fact, he beat the snot out of my hare-bred Field Champion 2 years in a row in WI and dominated him on our VA cottontails!

I"ve owned Tick since he was 7 weeks old and he handles like a dream & is great in the kennel, you won"t hear a peep out of him. He"s had approx. 800 cottontail and 30 snowshoe hare killed in front of him and LOVES the gun! Tick is the cats meow & whoever buys him is getting the real deal here! He"s not for the conservative houndsman though, he"s a hard hitting male that won"t wait for you, he"ll leave you in the dust and go w/ it. He"s DEAD BROKE from deer, fox, & cats & will sometimes tattle on trash runners. He"s got a bawl mouth used right & fires out of a check. He can solo all day or pack w/ the best of them.

When I say once in a lifetime dog, I"m not kidding. I"ve sold some excellent dogs over the last few years since slowing down and going to a more conservative dog & I"ve saved the best for last. I have references on this dog if you want, or bring a couple of your dogs and see what he can do. Ticky Boy needs NO help and does not have bad days! He hunts so relentlessly hard I had to band 2" off the tip of his tail b/c it was raw and he was loosing too much blood a few years ago. He is waaay better than anything I have in my kennels, but unfortunately he"s just not the style of dog I"m running anymore. He gives 110% every time in the field. He is UTD on shots/dewormers. He had Lymes Disease last year but is doing fine.

The ONLY reason I"m selling him is b/c I"m running med. + speed UBGF SPO dogs and he"s way too strong for them. He has never been trialed but will do well under a judge that likes a stronger dog and will let them run (some PBGA SPO clubs, Southside VA, etc.). For anyone who says no one sells their best dog, you are SADLY mistaken - this is the best dog I"ve ever raised, owned, & is one of the best I"ve seen in 18 years. This is a brag dog that will flat out amaze you & your friends. He"s been my brag dog for 6 years but now I"m not running him like I should. He needs to go to someone who will run him and give him the rabbit tracks he deserves as he"s way to good of a dog not to be run like he should.

Price is $2,500 FIRM, no trades or tire-kickers! No shipping, pick-up only, located in Northern VA. I want future breeding rights & I"m also interested in purchasing some pups out of him if the dam is a close & clean med. speed UBGF SPO style dog. He"s the dog w/ the blue collars in the pics.

His pedigree includes: multiple crosses of FC Fast Delivery Little Harvey, multiple crosses of FC Luci Van Little Man, FC River Oaks Gary, FC King Creek Amigo, FC King Creek Amigo"s Boy, FC River Oaks Archie, FC Lakeside Amy, FC Tarhaven Little Chad, FC River Oaks Archie, FC River Oaks Gary, FC Cold Hill Rose, FC Chapel Hill B Dalton, FC Cold Hill Debbie, FC Tate Cove Bandit, FC Shady Elm Liz Bell, FC Smooth Line Liz, & more.

Call or e-mail Steve at (703) 989-4079 or [email protected]

Playboy Kennels - Got rabbit? ~ [email protected]
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