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.44 Mag for hog?

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Originally Posted by Necro View Post
I should have mentioned it, but I am not planning on hunting for trophy so headshots or other shots are fine, and I am not planning on firing anywhere past 50 yards, considering the thick brush in Ohio. And doing research, I read that we donít have very large hog here, I was mostly drawn to .44 because of the abundance of ammo to practice with, and I can find it anywhere, along with a lighter weight rifle, making to easier to walk with during a deer hunt. I thank you all for your opinions, and Iíll be trying to make up my mind with this information, thank you!
A .22WRM will do the job on Ohio hogs.
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Thanks for sharing the video.
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your more than welcome.(video)
many guys don,t fully appreciate how lethal a larger bore revolver can be,when its pushing a serious chunk of lead at ranges under about 120 yards or so,
in well practiced hands of a competent shot. a 44 mag with a 310 grain hard cast bullet has rarely in my experienced failed to drop game with a well placed shot.
now a 300 grain hollow point jacketed bullet in a 44 mag seems to expand better and produce more shock,
and thats what the guy in the video stated he used, but for 4 decades Ive used the hard cast gas check 300-310 grain bullets
with excellent very predictable results, you may not get quite as impressive knock downs, with hard cast and a few deer and hogs will make a short run,
but the majority , if you place shots well, drop very rapidly after bullet impact. and you almost always get exit wounds with hard cast bullets




BTW if you own a 500 S&W these guys have gas checks
mid south and mid way don,t always carry 500 gas checks

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I spent a few hours at a local indoor handgun range last weekend, I was there basically to practice with my concealed carry pistol,
but I brought several handguns , 25 yard 4"-6" groups shot fairly rapid fire with all of them was possible even the 10" 44 mag,
thats certainly adequate, but there was a difference, if I took my time aiming the big revolver, it was far and away the more accurate hand gun.
I had to wonder how several of the participants, at the range would fair in a life or death confrontation ,
or if they were to go hunting with the handguns they were practicing with.
you can certainly kill hogs and deer with a 45 acp or 10 mm or 357 mag revolver.
now admittedly, you seldom hunt with the same pistol or revolver you might carry for conceal carry use,
but there were a good many guys that seemed incapable of punching a hole anywhere in a full body silhouette , at 5-7 yards.
hunting would require a significantly longer range but would not generally require ease of concealment.
do any of you gentlemen hunt with your concealed carry pistol?
Ive used most of my handguns on hunts just to see how they worked on larger game like hogs and deer.
now given a choice I don,t think most of us would hunt with a concealed carry pistol/revolver the expected ranges and performance required obviously are vastly different.
but, I think most would agree , if your carrying concealed your life might depend on both hitting the target, fluid & flawless access, rapid and dependable operation,
and the projectile impact having a pronounced and rapid effect on your potential antagonist.
I,ve used a 686 S&W, (357 mag)
a 1006 S&W (10 mm)
a glock 20 ,(10 mm)
and a EAA whitness (45 acp)
yes Id have no problem carrying any of those for personal defense use.
in fact Ive carried all of those over the years.( and hunted with all of them)
and yes a longer barrel length, 44 mag has proven the superior choice for hunting.

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