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First time hog hunt: Which rifle should I take? >

First time hog hunt: Which rifle should I take?

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First time hog hunt: Which rifle should I take?


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To start, you are probably not going to get a shot at a 300 lb feral hog. If you are hunting where someone has a high fence operation, and releasing domestic hogs into the wild, you might get a shot at a 300 lb hog. Most people are not actually weighing the hogs, and have no idea what the actual weight is. I run a 6000 acre hunting lease in East Texas, and require that all members bring their game in, and weigh it at the campsite. We kill a lot of hogs, and I have never seen one weighed in and recorded, that was 300 lbs. They are out there. I saw one, but did not get a shot at him. I had just dropped a boar, and had set my rifle down and poured a cup of coffee. I didn't think anything would stir for a bit, especially a hog, When I looked up, a boar that was easily twice as big as the one I just dropped, walked right by him. By the time I got my rifle up, he was going into the bushes. The one I shot weighed 185 lbs. This year, all hogs counted, we averaged 130 lbs. I have used everything from a 22 mag to a 7mm RUM to shoot the hogs, but my favorite is the .223. I say that, becaus I only shoot them one place. Half way between the eye and the ear, and drop down 1 inch. That is the center of the brain, and the bone is a little thinner right there. Now, if you are planning to shoot them behind the shoulder, you do need a larger caliber, but nothing you are going to hunt a Cape Buffalo, with. The larger hogs, get a layer of gristle on the shoulder, which extends about half way down the rib cage. It is called the shield, and it protects the hogs, when they fight. We have found 22 LR bullets in this, numerous times, where someone tried to shoot them with a 22. Also, found a broad head in one, that did not penetrate. You want it to not only penetrate going in, but, you want an exit, to blood trail, if you need to. A neck shot, is also an option, if the hog has a good set of cutters, and you do not want to ruin the skull for a European mount. So, any of the calibers you listed, will be good. I have shot most of my hogs, while deer hunting, and was carrying my pet 7mm08, with 140 gr bullets, but again, I shot them in the head.

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