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Exotics are Destroying our Hunter Heritage.

Old 01-05-2014, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by thatredneckrockerdude1
dude what the hell are you talking about? how does exotic animals have anything to do with making disabled kids cry? I was talking about the original post. I don't have enough time in my day to go through this entire thread.
And this is what we want as posts here?
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Originally Posted by thatredneckrockerdude1
dude what the hell are you talking about? how does exotic animals have anything to do with making disabled kids cry? I was talking about the original post. I don't have enough time in my day to go through this entire thread.
What I am talking about is where the OP stated: "I once had fun driving an aspergers/autism kid to tears because the only type of hunting he did was zoo shoots in Texas and Ohio with species that should be eradicated like Gemsbok, Axis Deer, and Addax. Needless to say I educated him between his little patience imbalance zoo shoots and real hunting that his kind could never do."

When you come to a thread and say you support the OP 100% then that means you support him. Isn't that what 100% means? If all you support is the original post, then it is up to you to clarify that. I for one find it pretty strange that you would join a thread on the 10th page without taking a little time to read what has been posted back and forth yet claim to have 100% support for anyone. Doing so will help eliminate your making foolish statements, like the above.

So, my question still stands: Do you support his taking pleasure in making a disabled child cry or not? Because if you do support him 100% as you claim then you're as repugnant as he is!

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greetings !
joining the band to take the discussions further and to make them more reasonable to reach on an outcome, by the way
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Flags---He actually said he supported the OP 110% and then comes back with a retort to you that he can't read a whole thread, LOL! If he can't read what all is being said in an entire thread, then he either shouldn't make any posts at all like he did here, or as you stated, be very specific because his post made him look as bad as the OP that got banned from the site permanently That is why I immediately put up my post when I read his 110% support of the OP comment.

Also, welcome to the newbie MikeWolfes who's from FL. Please send me some of your weather up here to MI ASAP Mike!!!
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Anybody that would publicly admit to the above is nothing more than a pathetic excuse for a human being! Who in their right frame of mind would take enjoyment from bringing a mentally handicapped child to tears and then bragging about it? I don't know you, I wouldn't know you if I bumped into you on the street, but if I did know you I'm pretty sure we wouldn't get along very well.
I agree. That would warrant a good old-fashion arse whooping.
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Just because you don't hunt high fence doesn't mean others shouldn't. It's a great management tool, and many huge whitetails and exotics have been raised on high fences. Now that being said, I don't hunt highfence unless invited. I can't justify paying the money for shooting a "caged" animal. Now there's absolutely no reason to be mad about hunters hunting a highfence. Alot, and I mean ALOT of our best spokespeople and advocates hunt high fences. Lots of money is involved in those operations. And as long as a person is hunting, I won't judge them for it. But any big bucks off a high fence "don't count" since we all try to kill bigger deer than eachother.
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I think there is some room for all...when you think about it..nearly all our hunts are 'canned' hunts..I hunt Pisagh National forest..any bear, for an example that wanders into Bevard (also an example) is trapped and sent back...

We have a lot of Game Bird farms here in NC...pheasant and chuckars are available..both introduced species..

The 'anti's don't hate canned hunts..they hate hunting...as the late Jack O'Connor, (a well known hunter) put it in the revised edition of his book, "The Art of Hunting Big Game in North America" put it...' it not the killing that upsets them so much..it is the fact anyone would enjoy it..."

Hunters, be it canned hunts, open range,game bird farms..you name it..have to stand together...there must be no name calling and finger pointing among us. We must police ourselves...if we don't, there are several million antis out there more than willing to do it for us!
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^^^^ on the money
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