Hogs and Exotics Gun or bow, you can stretch your season and fill the freezer with wild hogs and an assortment of exotics.


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Default Ammo?

Looking for recommendations for .22 LR. Hog hunting. Thanks!
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Speaking from experience I would say that if you are going to use a .22 LR for hog hunting you are asking for problems. That being said it can be done. I'm no expert but I would not use anything that is a hollow point, and get the biggest grain that you possibly can. Also, you should be within 30 yards if at all possible, and up off the ground. Placement is key, you have to be dead on accurate.
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Originally Posted by buckdropper7
Looking for recommendations for .22 LR. Hog hunting. Thanks!
Really close range. Head shot only. Wear track shoes.
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Default Trap 'em first . . .

If you want to shoot hogs with a .22LR, I'd suggest you build a trap and catch some, then pop them with the .22 and drag them out of the trap.
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It can be done. BUT!!, if you are not familiar with hogs and their demeanor and body build, DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have killed hundreds of hogs with many weapons from .22LR to 338 Win. Mag, pistols and bow. And just recently a knife.
I have shot them from the side on feeding hogs straight in the ear and they were DRT. Shot them from the side/behind to just behind the ear and they were DRT. Have shot them in the lowerbase of the skull from the ground and had them DRT. But it has to be a brain shot with a 22LR. Your rifle has to be dead nuts on to be able to this and shoot a high velocity solid that groups the best you can get. Do not shoot target ammo for they are not fast enough for the needed deep penetration of the skull. And as Yankee Doodle said, good track shoes are a necessity if things go FUBAR!!!!!!!!!!!
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High velocity. Very accurate. Preferably plated solid points, but plated hollow points are okay too. Be careful....
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If you have ever seen Zombieland, remember rules

#1. Cardio

#2. Always Double Tap

But as far as ammo goes, the fastest, and heaviest rounds you can find, as stated but cant be expressed enough, shoot true, and be prepared to run.... Fast

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22LR, regardless of ammo used, is not big or powerful enough unless very close (see the trap statement) and then only broadside right in the ear or you are askiing for trouble.

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