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Texas Hogs

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Default Texas Hogs

How big are the hogs in Texas? I have heard they can easily be a few hundred pounds and up to five feet. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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I just posted a pic from my ranch in West Texas of my little bro and his hog we killed a couple weekends ago. Title of that post is "HUGE TUSK ON HOG", the pig weighed around 250, not the biggest bodied hog but still a decent size. Our pigs would get bigger but we are trying to get rid of them all so we shoot everyone we see no matter if it is football size or 500lbs. As long as the ranch owners are not like my family you could easily find a place where you could kill 300+ pound worthless PIGS.
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oh yeah, easy. I know south texas hammers them so hard they usually dont get much over 200lbs. but from what i have seen everywhere else seems to have huge pigs still running around. we went out 2 wks ago and saw one that was atleast 400. they look like cows at that size. ive shot several over 200 and a few over 300 but havent quite personally shot a 400+ but there are plenty here. its exciting and definitly needed. Go Kill Some!
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It probably depends on the territory. Here in central Texas I've seen a few that were probably over 200 Lbs., but mostly they are less than that. I'm sure there are some bigger ones, but we've been in drought conditions for the last two years and the food supply isn't what it might normally be.

As 09 bobcat says above, the hunting pressure is also a factor. There are some folks in the area where I hunt who run them with dogs and catch them alive. The hogs that weigh over 80 Lbs. can be sold -- they generally go to processors who package the meat for sale in Europe. Apparently France is a big consumer of "wild boar" meat. Actually, I kind of like it too. Just don't tell my in-laws I'm imitating the French!
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Default Texas Hogs

My girlfriend's grandparents live in Kennedy Texas and they have a ranch that her uncle hunts on all of the time so I should be able to get down there and hunt for minimum expense! Just need to make the time! Thanks guys!
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Click on this. http://www.sycamorecreekhoghunting.com and go to the photos, these are typical Texas pigs. This is one of my 3D sponsors.
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I saw a much bigger one Saturday night...thought about taking it but couldn't figure out how the heck I was going to get him in the truck.
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Average size,some bigger, and some smaller!
Attached Thumbnails Texas Hogs-dscn0954.jpg   Texas Hogs-dscn0951.jpg  
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She sounds like a keeper!!! Get out there and nail you some piggies!!! Big or small/Trophy or dinner. Either way, a blast to hunt.
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i have some pics on my profile you can look at...i have seen a 700-900 lb pig totally fold my hog trap over when we showed up...about 7 got away that day...they are like rats..if their head will fit , so will they...cause my trap door wasnt big enough (so i thought) to even let in a 600lb pig.

it seems they go on break too, they will be there fer a month..and then disappear fer awhile, like 15-45 days, then come back...another buddy of mine said the same thing bout his place...he has caught almost 200 fer the year in his traps, and then they left, only to return a month later...right now is a dry spell for both of us, usually he will be dry or i will, but its the 1st time we both been dry at the same time.

anyways the 175lb hogs are the eaters...sometimes up ta 300lbs, jus depends on what they are eating...a hog skin makes a great bond fire btw
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