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Do hogs eat deer??

Old 10-21-2008, 11:25 AM
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Default RE: Do hogs eat deer??

They will eat anything, like Reb said, they will kill too. I've seen a lot of reports from around the country that they are killing smaller livestock.
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Default RE: Do hogs eat deer??

seen em eat catfish remains....figure meat is meat.
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Default RE: Do hogs eat deer??

There is evidence that deer will eat dead critters as well.......hard to believe, but the source was a reliable deer rancher and a doctor studying the transfer of TB.
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Default RE: Do hogs eat deer??

A couple years ago I helped a buddy skin and take the meat off his deer. I asked him whathe does with the bones and hide, he told me he feeds them to the pigs. He just threw the hide and bones in thepen and within five minutes, ten pigs ate everything, nothing was left. It made the hair onthe back of my neck stand up.
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Default RE: Do hogs eat deer??

When I was a kid on the farm, my brother and I would shoot groundhogs and throw them in to the (domestic) hog pen. They would go bananas, fighting each other and tearing the groundhogs to shreads in a matter of minutes.

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Default RE: Do hogs eat deer??

We dump the guts out in the back of our property and the hogs will come in later and clean them up. They are scavengers and will eat anything they find.
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Default RE: Do hogs eat deer??


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"They" claim pigs will eat every part of the human body including hair, teeth and bone.
You just described Rloving's (Rowel) ex-wife, that's what he said.
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Default RE: Do hogs eat deer??

I have actually used deer carcasses in the past to attract hogs.....I think it depends on the hogs in the area and their food sourcesas Ihave had this work in one area and not work in others....
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Default RE: Do hogs eat deer??

Here in Hawaii, if you smell a rotting carcass, chances are the feral Pigs will already have found it. If there is still anything left for them to eat they will be back to feed on it . All you have to do is wait for them to come. As for me, I don't do this because of 2 things:

1. The smell of the rotting carcass is what the pigs smell like that are feeding on it!

2. The idea that they are eating rotting meat rather then Ferns and Guavas, kind of rubs me the wrong way!


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Default RE: Do hogs eat deer??

2 years ago I had shot a buck in the evening and tracked for about 4 hours. The swamp, well not much water then, was so thick I couldnt follow the blood real well and I lost it several times. So next morning as I am pulling in the field which the swamp is buzzards jump on the top of the trees. Now I took a 30-30 but really wasnt wild about shooting. When I got to the open spot he had died where the buzzards were in the baove trees, there was a 300#+ boar chomping on the body. Once I saw him he looked up with blood all over his face. Like something you see in the movies and he ran off. I decided not to shoot because a bigger buck was on the property and wasnt wild about ruining the rest of deer season.
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Quick Reply: Do hogs eat deer??

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