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How would you hunt them?

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Default How would you hunt them?

I'm wanting to go on a hog hunt in TN and was wondering how you all would hunt them???

1. spot and stalk
2.blind or treestand
3.with dogs

and why would you hunt this way?
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Default RE: How would you hunt them?

I have done it all three ways but I prefer spot and stalk or hunting over bait (stand). I prefer hunting this way b/c I love to bowhunt, and when I was chasing them with dogs it was a blast but I love the bowhunting part of it. I would say it depends on what the hogs in that area are responding to as to what I would do, I would probably go prepared for any of the three ways!!!!!!!!
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Default RE: How would you hunt them?

I hunt over my feeders for the piggies. I have done the dog thing and it kinda goes like this.

1: Everyone is drinking beer.
2: Dogs are bouncing around the cages like the Tasmanian devil.
3: It is dark as hell.
4: People are carrying shotguns(please reread number #1).
5: You run through the swamp bashing your face into trees and bend the barrel of your 1,500 dollar shotgun.
6: You eventually catch up to the 40 pound porker and blast it in the face.
Like it says on the shampoo bottle: Lather, rinse, REPEAT.

I much prefer the calm of waiting for hogs to come to me. I also don't have to worry about someone shooting me that way.
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Default RE: How would you hunt them?

option 1
i like the thrill of spot&stalk and it's fun to be moving rather than the simplicity of sitting in a blind over a feeder. (not that i'm opposed to that) i guess it'd depend on what i'm doing. for fun i'd prolly spot & stalk but for a cookout or i'd go with feeders better selection that way
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Default RE: How would you hunt them?

The only problem with spot and stalk where I go is when you see them you are close enough to watch them blink. Then it becomes "spot and oh crap watch them run".
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Default RE: How would you hunt them?

personally, I prefer hunting with dogs. Some of the reasons have to do with the conditions where I hunt. With dogs, I have a one intwo or one in three chance of getting a hog, without dogs I have about a 1 in 1000 chance of getting a hog. In other places, where they have a denser hog population, the odds would be different, but here, where there are approximately 200 hogs fairly evenly scattered over 200,000 acres, any method that does not include dogs is not very productive. But I think the main reason I prefer dogs is just that I enjoy watching a well trained dog bay up a big, mean hog. It probably helps that they are my dogs.

As regards snook384's description of hunting with dogs, while that may be the norm where he hunts, and with the people he hunts with, I do not think that description would fit in the majority of cases. I have only been hunting hogs with dogs for 18 years now, and I have only hunted west of the Mississippi, but I have never yet met a dog owner who would allow you to hunt over his dogs if you had been drinking. Nor have I ever met a dog owner who would allow you to use a shotgun while hunting around his dogs.

Hunting with dogs is not for everyone. You do have to be fairly fit so you can get to whereever the dogs bay up the hog. You also need to be a pretty good shot, and be able to place your shots quickly and accurately while under stress, or be willing to catch the hog by hand and stick him with a knife. But for those who have what it takes, it can be an adrenaline rush like nothing else.

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Default RE: How would you hunt them?

Very true it is an adrenaline rush to chase hogs with dogs. It also seems to be much more effective than even hunting them over a feeder. Location seems to dictate the most effective place to hunt dogs, still, or stalk. I imagine it is very different terain in Tennessee as opposed to running them down in palmetto bushes in Florida. All the methods are fun but I guess I just like the peace and quiet while trying to get bacon.
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Default RE: How would you hunt them?

I usually stick to stand hunting in the summertime. Spot and stalk is great, but the swirling wind patterns and extra perspiration in the summer can make it really tough. In the cooler months, you sweat less and the winds keep more of a steady direction. If you can get in the stand without getting too heated up and then just sit, you have a great chance. Dogs are good too, but in the summer months, thats gonna be a night thing most of the time.
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Default RE: How would you hunt them?

We hunt with dogs but we ride mules (my dad has had cancer and can't take the walking, the other guy we hunt with is 84 or 85 and could not hunt if it was not for the mules, and I am too short to keep up with my husband much less dogs!). We started with 4-wheelers but they can't jump a fence or cross a creek. My husband is the one who usually gets down and goes in for the kill (he uses a .30-30 and has been known to drag one out for someone else to do the honors). Then all you have to do is lope a rope around the saddle horn and the mules will drag the hogs out for you. We start out early—are in the woods when the sun is coming up—in the spring/summer time and don't go hog hunting at all after bow season starts (don't want people shooting the dogs). We do not hunt at night and I have never understood the whole night thing. Why would I go out in the dark to hunt something that is dark? Have done it from a stand before b/c they were tearing up the pasture but was unsuccessful.

For several years Will and I went to S. Texas with friends hog hunting—bows only. We hunted over feeders and did the spot and stalk. I loved all of it! We have done the spot and stalk thing here in E. Texas and it was a blast (well, except for the mosquitoes!!).

I depends on what you want out of the experience and how fit (and tall!) you are.
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Default RE: How would you hunt them?

I like tree stands or blinds, I'm not too much into the walking thing.. getting too old for that! There is not way under God's green earth, I could ever keep up with a dog. The only way I would ever use a dog, if the dog would drag the game back to me after he killed it!
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Quick Reply: How would you hunt them?

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