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JakeinTX 08-24-2007 09:01 PM

Exotic and Hog
Hello All,

I am new to these forums and recently returning to hunting after a 12 year hiatis. On September 2nd I am going on my first Exotic and Hog hunt here in Texas. I live in San Antonio but will be hunting in Medina. I am going for a Blackbuck or Axis and a hog. I recently bought a new 30-06 Savage from Bass Pro (the gunsmith at Bass Pro was awesome)! I will be shooting 150 gr Core-Lokt's. Does this sound fine? I can't wait, I am as excited as my kids are on December 24th! Thanks for any replies.


RLoving1 08-25-2007 08:34 AM

RE: Exotic and Hog
If you have a choice between blackbuck or axis take the axis! The hide makes a great trophy and the meat is secound to none! Aim low behind the front shoulder of the hog (vitals are lower of hogs) and your setup should work fine.When shooting Axis deer the old saying "pick a spot" has a new meaning!:D

Moose_Maximus 08-25-2007 02:20 PM

RE: Exotic and Hog
Good avice all around. Axis venison is terrific; not only the best game, but just about the best meat I've ever eaten, especially the backstraps (butterflied, seasoned,then grilled).

Your .30-06 will do fine; I shoot a Savage in .30-06 and it hasn't let me down yet.

If you're shooting the hog for meat, skip the bigger ones and try to stay with the under-100-pound hogs. Their meat is more tender and flavorful, in my opinion. Getting 150 pounds of nasty-tasting pork is a lot worse than 30 pounds of something you'll enjoy eating.

Good luck!

The Rev 08-25-2007 08:30 PM

RE: Exotic and Hog
All good advise, but use a bow it's more fun :D:D:D. Okay just kidding, good luck! Get some pics and share them with us.

JakeinTX 08-25-2007 09:26 PM

RE: Exotic and Hog
Thanks for the info. I enjoy hunting and would like to get into doing archery. I have bad arthritis and that makes pulling a bow back difficult. I am working with my Rhumatologist to get a crossbow permit set. I have also been looking at a bow assist that would hold the bow back for me. I have a real old compound that I used to love to shoot. Do any of you use those new Dream Season Boots? I entered the contest to win a pair them from Drury and I won. I should recieve them this week. Any info would be appreciated.


RLoving1 08-26-2007 08:41 AM

RE: Exotic and Hog
The Rev is right,if you can use a bow a exotic hunt would be a good hunt to try on! The animals are sometimes more relaxed.But Rev thinks we should still go to war with bows and arrows...he goes out and pokes bad attitude hogs with his stick and string and survives to report back to us so must be an effective method!:DSomeday I'm gonna upgrade to a real bow rather than my xbow(love it but not much hunting opurtunity).The Burleson boys can help you if you ever need archery advise for hogs!

Kanga 08-26-2007 10:09 AM

RE: Exotic and Hog

he goes out and pokes bad attitude hogs with his stick and string and survives to report back to us so must be an effective method!:D
He does??????????????

I have hunted with Bob plenty of times and I have yet to see him stick anything he does have a lot of excuses tho why he couldn't stick a hog, like the ravine ( actually it was a bar ditch) was too steep, the hog was too close and behind his tree, the list just goes on and on[8D]:D

The Burleson boys can help you if you ever need archery advise for hogs!
Well you better re-do this quote to "the Burleson boys minus Bob"

The Rev 08-26-2007 02:21 PM

RE: Exotic and Hog
You gotta forgive my little buddy, he's not from here.:D:D:D

He's had too many days in the outback, I mean outhouse!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D

JakeinTX 09-03-2007 07:35 PM

RE: Exotic and Hog
Ok, I spent about 3 hours yesterday in the blind at the hunting ranch I joined. I got into the blind at 5:30 pm and left at 8:30pm. The feeder went off at 6:30 pm and the only thing that came in was a bull (Cattle). This bull stayed at the feeder for about an hour. I was thinkin after about an hour I might just shoot him! :) Anyway no hogs came in and I ended up having a problem with my flashlight so I walked out. Anyway, the feeder has a small light that will show the outline of pigs and I was wondering if any of you had some ideas about using those big spotlights for hogs? Is their something red that can be put over the lense? I was only about 65 yards from the feeder so no long shots at night. On the upside when I pulled out 3 large bucks were standing on the main rd FM 337 outside of Medina. They lifted my spirits after not seeing any wildlife.


The Rev 09-05-2007 07:43 PM

RE: Exotic and Hog
Red should be fine. Most of the guys that hog hunt with bows use red lights for stablizers. Red will not spook off hogs. Also if a hog gets used to feeding over a light that works too.This will help keep you concealed.

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