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000 buck or slug first?

Old 11-22-2006, 09:18 AM
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Default 000 buck or slug first?

Hello guys,
After almost half of the hunting season sitting on the tree, having no chace to shot at either deer or hogs, I decide to do some stalking hunt tomorrow using my shotgun Winchester 1300 for hogs but I do not know what kind of ammo and choke I should use. My shotgun could hold 5 round s in magazine and 1 in chamber. In my imagination, there are two situations like this:
1. I walked and saw a hog at close distance, say 30 yards or so ready to run away or toward me. I have no time to aim (there is no scope on my shotgun anyway), just point and shoot. So what kind of ammo I should use in this situation?I intend to shot a 000 buck first to stop the hog then throw a 5 round of slugs next with the hope that one or two will hit the hog.
2. I stood still and saw a hog walking by at 30-50 yards. This time I have more time to aim (still without scope). I intend to shot a slug in the chamber first, if missed, another 000 buck in magazine might catch the hogs and another 4 next slugs will do the killing.

Please let me know
a. what situation most likely happens.
b.if the order of my rounds in chamber/magazine sounds right.
c. should I use 00 buck or 000 buck?
d. what choke should I use for 000 buck and slug?

Considering I have a good scent control and hunt the wind and well-camoed. Noise could be made when I stalk in Florida forest at this time of year, there is no way to avoid that but I try to walk slowly to reduce noise to minimum. I try to shoot within the range of 50 yards.

Thanks a lot.

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Old 11-22-2006, 10:41 AM
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Default RE: 000 buck or slug first?

I would use a slug first and then a slug. After that I would use a slug. I have seen hogs take buckshot and run off to never be found. I have seen the same with slugs but not nearly as often. If you are good at scent control and REALLY watch the wind you should be able to stalk well within shotgun range. Move very slowly. Hogs have poor eyesight but they can pick up movement without a problem. They might not know what you are but they will know they see something they don't like.
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Default RE: 000 buck or slug first?

Thanks txjourneyman for your inputs. The reason for buckshot I intend to use is to stop the hog in the situation 1 (when the hog in the move) for a second or two so that I could place a next shot with slug. Do you think 000 buckshot would be able to stop the hog for a moment?
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Default RE: 000 buck or slug first?

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Default RE: 000 buck or slug first?

i've killed plenty of hogs with 3 1/2 inch buckshot. i'd rather use buckshot over hogs if stalking them on the ground. this is mostly for your own protection in case you stalk too closely in thick palmetto's. if you happen to get too close to a sow with a litter, she'll charge you. i don't know about you but in that situation i'd rather have buckshot to help compensate the lack of aim due to shyt'n and get'n while shoot'n. also, if at all possible, aim for their head.
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Default RE: 000 buck or slug first?

Buckshot backed up with slug, and I might have a few extra just in case[8D]
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Default RE: 000 buck or slug first?

When I've walked up on them I've always had time to pause, let them continue rooting or whatever their doing, and then aim and shoot. I've killed 2 or 3 hogs this way using copper solids at about 25 or 30 yards. Just make sure you are not too close. I've had one wounded sow charge me because I was too close.

I honestly believe the key here is scent control and also walking slowly. If you hear them or see movement or just a lot of fresh activity slow down. Take a step and pause and listen. That's the only way I've been able to get up on them.

I only use buckshot on hogs 80 lbs or less (if I get the choice anyway). 00 buck 3" did a good job on one 65lb boar I killed earlier.
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Default RE: 000 buck or slug first?

I would say slug but its all about SHOT PLACEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you hit any hard part of the hog the slug will become as flat as a pancake. If you get a good shot and can make it, slgus if not,buck!!!!!!!!
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Default I gave up !!!

I gave up !!!

Guys, thank you all very much for your replies. After a long morning walk in the wood with a shotgun loaded with 000 buckshots and slugs I finally gave up. There were so much loud noise I made while stalking. In North Florida with this dry season, I barely could walk a small step without make noise due to dead leaves and dead branches and the sight was horrible. I couldn't see further than 30-50 yards due to the bushes.I know the area I hunted (Hickory Mound Unit WMA), there are tons of hogs running around. I personally saw a couple last month but today while scouting I barely saw any with the noise I made and deer-dogs running around.
Do you have any tricks that could lower the volume of noise? I tried all diffirent kinds of stalking, slow, fast, walk and stop etc.,... but any human ears could hear me within 100 yards, not to mention hogs' or deer's ears. I know by the time I get to where hogs are, they must be long-gone. I am desparate.
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Default RE: 000 buck or slug first?

First I would scout the area for fresh signs of hogs. Heavly use trails, mud rubs and fresh wallows. If the signs are not present, you're just pissing in the wind.

As for 0, 00 and 000....you might kill the one you are aiming at, but will wound others just to go off and die. I prefer Slugs.
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