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Hog Habits!

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Default Hog Habits!

I did my first hog hunt this weekend, on Friday and Monday. We found many tracks, signs and wallowing holes, but the only hogs we saw were Monday morning before hunting opened. We flushed out everything from rabbits to elk, but nothing with pork.

- When do they usually 'wallow'?
- Do they have any circling patterns, or do they tend to ramble?
- Are they sleeping during the day, or simply hiding?
- Are there any particularly methods of flushing them out from hiding?

Thanks for your advice!
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Default RE: Hog Habits!

Daily lots on the wallow, they tend to keep a circlaur pattern for the most part, once they find good feeding routs (ie feeders, farms, accorns), both most of the big ones move at night when its cooler and easier to hide, DOGS!! a good bay dog or two is really all you need. Personally i dont use catch dogs but lots of guys do.
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Default RE: Hog Habits!

- When do they usually 'wallow'?
I'm no expert on this but if they have an established bedding area, then they might wallow when coming to bed down at the beginning of the day and again when they get up at towards the end of the day. If the wallow is not near their bedding grounds then they could wallow anytime they happen to be close to it.
- Do they have any circling patterns, or do they tend to ramble?
Circle pattern unless pushed around by hunting pressure. Then they might mix things up.
- Are they sleeping during the day, or simply hiding?
They sleep during the middle of the day and are pretty much up all night. Exceptions could be when it's cold and when it's raining a lot making for good rooting conditions. There was a time that I was basing their daylight activity on the moon. The longer and brighter the moon was out at night, the less active the pigs would be during the ealy morning and late afternoon and vice versa. I'm not 100% sure if the theory actually held water but it seemed to for a few weeks. I have seen pigs start moving around as early as 2:30 on a normal day. Usually seems like they are around in the first and last two hours of light.
- Are there any particularly methods of flushing them out from hiding? Dogs. You can also use a dog to wind them and in doing so, just show you where they are. There are many ways to use dogs in pig hunting and pretty much any dog that shows interest in the smell will work. Just watch the dog when it is winding. Hounds can be used to drive hogs. All kinds of dogs will chase and bayor attack. Some breeds, like bull, will catch the pig or try to. Little dogs are the best for winding. They make the least noise and commotion. In Europe, they use dachshunds on a long leash to sniff out all kinds of big game which the hunter can then shot at when they jump it. A similar method is used to hunt deer in new zealand. You could apply that method to finding bedded pigs.

Here read this:
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