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Stalking Question.

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Default Stalking Question.

My friend just got a deer lease (57 acres) and I went out there with himyesterday to look for places to plot and good deer stands. There is a small pond on his property. We saw a good big of hog sign there. We moved on and got to the creek. The creek runs all the way through the property and there was rooting and prints all over the place. Theywere fresh because we had 2days of hard rain and you could tell they were from the night before or within 24 hours. We are going back in 2 weeks to check cameras and such. I want to stalk the creek with my bow but dont have much experience with it. Can anyone tell me how to find the hogs? Do I just walk the creek and look for one laying down? What time of day?
Should I still hunt over bait in the morning and then stalk when it gets hot? Any good tips for stalking or where to go. I know the basics like find fresh sign and follow it. but thats about it. so any info would be great.
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Default RE: Stalking Question.

with abow, shoot and be still and quite,they may dash off and then if all's quite they may return and start to feed again.with a gun,after the shot, there gone

Should I still hunt over bait in the morning and then stalk when it gets hot?
thats the first and best thing to start with.that way you can tell which way they come from.then just go slowly the way they came from and look for sign and tracks going to bedding area.use good camo and go slow. hogs eye sight is not really good.if you see one and it looks your way,stop and don't move.they will go back to feding if they don't see movement.be quite,they hear pretty good.watch around them,one will be laying down and you will walk right up on it.

hunt and learn as you go.good luck.
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Default RE: Stalking Question.

sowhen I stalk do it during midday?
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Default RE: Stalking Question.

This time of year when it is so hot the hogs are moving mainly at night and by sun-up or very shortly thereafter are bedded for the day so you can stalk/stillhunt at any time, not just the afternoon.
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Default RE: Stalking Question.

do you think the creek would be the best spot to stalk. Just walk the creek until I find one.
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Default RE: Stalking Question.

where i hunt in north east texas we have a creek runnin through it, right now the hogs r holding in the shaded areas close to the creek untill about 8pm i would walk the edges of the creek if they do spot you chances r they wont move to far away
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Default RE: Stalking Question.

Use a hog call to cover your foot noise. It settles them down as your stalking and moving around. I've snuck up on a bunch of them like that.
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Default RE: Stalking Question.

All good advise. Best time is late evening. If your real quite and still you can hear them grunting. Take your time, don't rush it. Remember where you saw some evidence of them being there, they will usually return to the same place. Just be patient and remember to work the wind. Even though a hog is nasty and will eat just about anything is has a keen sense of smell. If the wind is in your face, you can get really close, they have bad eye sight, but can hear and smell like a whitetail. You can bait the area and make a ground blind and wait. It's your call.. By the way, I only bow hunt too. I haven't opened my gun safe in years.
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