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Catfish317 09-27-2019 07:02 PM

Issues with jamming and gas
Hey guys I'm currently having issues what's my AR15 taking spent brass ejecting it and hitting just on the outside of the ejection port causing the spent casing to bounce back into the chamber backwards and get stuck with the back of the case in the chamber and that is with green tip ammunition which I have never had an issue with so I switched to steel cased ammunition and it just barely dribbles out at the one o clock position mind you I have never had any issues with my rifle nor ammunition same lot and everything which I used recently until I changed my gas tube and gas rings due to wear I have had it for a few years now the barrels in great shape so is the chamber I know a lot about the AR platform and how it operates and have tried cleaning the system to bare the gas rings that were installed are fine and not damaged the gas tube gas block have no leaks I have also try a friend's bolt carrier and Bolt in my rifle with little Improvement however the rifle does not feel nor does it operate reliably as it did before Parts change I am currently stumped on how to remediate my issue I have taken the known remedial action that I am aware of to fix the issue and I still cannot For the Love of me get this rifle back in working order advice would be greatly welcomed

Nomercy448 10-30-2019 12:41 AM

Bouncing off of the deflector that violently is assuredly excessive carrier speed. The rifle is over gassed/under massed for the Green Tip load. Id assume the steel case ammo is lower pressure, or hanging onto the chamber a bit more, so its not ejecting as powerfully - under gassed/over massed.

An adjustable gas block would be my answer for both conditions. I like H2 buffers to slow down the carrier speed and spread out the recoil impulse.

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