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bucklessyooper 09-05-2014 08:02 AM

AR aftermarket triggers
Anyone have a good recommendation for an easy to install aftermarket AR trigger?

Put a Timney on a model 700 and m77 MkII,but never messed with triggers for semi auto.

Guess if there are aftermarket AR triggers that are easy like the Remington model 700 triggers than I would probably be very interested in something along those lines.

Having trouble getting my 450 bushmaster upper to shoot like I want it to. Nothing wrong wit the upper at all. Just know the "nut" behind the bolt is used to a lighter trigger....

grinder67 09-05-2014 08:30 AM

I put a 3 pound timney in my AR , not to difficult to install and made a world of difference in my rifle.

Sheridan 09-05-2014 06:08 PM

Not a fan of using two stage triggers on hunting rifles.

I used JP Enterprise EZ on my AR-15 hunting rifle, after looking at all the usual suspects.

bucklessyooper 09-06-2014 03:16 AM


Was the JP enterprises pretty easy to install ?

bucklessyooper 09-06-2014 03:17 AM

Originally Posted by grinder67 (Post 4157910)
I put a 3 pound timney in my AR , not to difficult to install and made a world of difference in my rifle.

That was one of the first ones I looked at.

Nomercy448 09-06-2014 05:56 AM

For a super simple solution, it's pretty easy to have someone install a trigger for you, for relatively cheap.

I'm not really sure what constitutes difficult or simple in terms of AR triggers. None are really that difficult to assemble or tune.

Bill Springfield will rework your factory trigger, which is likely the 2nd cheapest option.

JP 3.5lb spring kit will help a lot with a standard/mil-spec trigger, and the shipping from midway almost costs more than the spring kit itself.

The Timney AR trigger is a fine trigger, not one of my favorites, I traded it back to Midway for a JP Competition 1stage .

My favorite trigger is the Geissele Match 2 stage, but they're pretty proud of them. I have a couple of them, but it's hard to justify the price in anything but a bench gun. It's the closest thing to a Jewel 700 trigger that I've felt in an AR.

RRA NM 2 stage, Geissele SSA-E 2stage, and Bushmaster Match 2 stage are my "hunting triggers" since they run a bit cheaper. I've been very happy with the Bushmasters, but branched out when they dried up temporarily a couple years ago, got a steal on the RRA, and bought the SSA from a fellow bench rider that was upgrading his G3 to the G Match - which meant I could upgrade my hunting rifle to that SSA-E.

muzzlestuffer 09-06-2014 02:34 PM

i put a timney single stage 3lb trigger on one of my ruger ar's much better than the two stage i also put timney on all my gun's before i even shoot them. you have to have a good light trigger pull !!

Sheridan 09-07-2014 05:54 PM

Originally Posted by bucklessyooper (Post 4157997)

Was the JP enterprises pretty easy to install ?

Did you watch the video ? :confused0024:

Streetdoctor 09-07-2014 06:50 PM

geissele SSA

bucklessyooper 09-08-2014 05:37 AM

Originally Posted by Sheridan (Post 4158209)
Did you watch the video ? :confused0024:

Home computer wouldn't take me to the link you provided.

Took a quick look at work today before shift and even though I couldn't finish all of the video it didn't look as involved as I thought it would be.

Think with all 10 thumbs I could probably do it in 30-60 minutes..:guiness:

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