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f350ruger 04-30-2011 09:08 AM

Rem 700 stock question
I have a model 700 in 300 win mag i want to go back to a wood stock. does the stock need to be made for a magnum? Or can I buy on that is described as model 700 long action.
Thank G.

bigbulls 05-01-2011 10:23 AM

The only difference between the two stocks is the diameter of the barrel channel inletting.

A magnum barreled action will have a larger diameter barrel so the stock will be inletted for this. It will work just fine for a non magnum barrel contour you will just have a little extra free float around the barrel.

If you use a non magnum stock on a magnum barreled action you will probably have to do a little inletting to the barrel channel to get it to fit properly.

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