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first rifle

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Default first rifle

gonna buy a rifle primarily for yotes and something i could use on a big game hunt if i ever took a trip west. I was thinking a 300 mag or a 7 mm. or if i just bought a yote gun a 223 or a 22-250. Bolt action under $500. Also what make of gun. what would you recommend and what can i expect from each gun . Thanks for any help.
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Default RE: first rifle

You're kinda stuck here. A 223 or 22-250 is the choice for a yote gun. However, neither can be used on a big game animal with much confidence. You could buy a nice yote gun now for under $500 with scope if you check around. Then if you plan on going west later look for a new gun.

I have a NEF single shot .223 that was $179 new. I put a Weaver 10X scope on it and a bipod. The whole setup was about $300 and the thing will shoot. (The scope I picked up used for $65)

Good luck!
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Default RE: first rifle

If it is to be primarily a yote gun but may be used for deer I would go for a bolt action 25-06.If elk might be in the picture I would make it a 280.
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Default RE: first rifle

I was in the smae hole a while ago...then i saught out the wisdom of the biggest bs'er at my gun club. the wise man said "if you can ever afford to go out west/africa/canada then an extra 500-800 dollars for a rifle would not severly impact you savings". The wise man was right...get what u can use now at ur home..then if u save enough money for a trip out west the rifle you need for it would just be another thing you need in adition to the ticket,lodgeing,guide ect.
hope this helps...maybe get a 243, thats great on yotes and good for whitetails aswell.
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Default RE: first rifle

Get the NEF single shot in .243, it would be good for yotes and deer. And wouldn't cost a lot.
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Default RE: first rifle

243 with 80 grain bullets will work well on the yotes.100 grain will work for whitetail.
one gun for both and not a big expense.
go with the best you can aford,in a gun and scope.

I am not a hunter I am a whitetail population reduction specialest

remember keep your back to the sun, your knife sharp, and your powder dry.
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Default RE: first rifle

A 243 or a 25-06 would be fine for coyotes or deer .If you handload even better .
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Default RE: first rifle

What do you define as big game??? I will assume you mean Elk as anything bigger will need a gun that is at least .30 bore on up!Kodiaks come into mind! Also is there a caliber limit on yotes in your state?? Our's used to be .25 but was finaly increased to .30 Wahooo!!! I like magnums but unless the 'yotes are far off and if you're only gonna go West for Elk? ;you realy don't need one. Gosh that leaves room for alot of different calibers. If you reload 6.5x55 might be a good compromise as it's gettin popular. The .308Win, 30'06 also seem to be good choices but that caliber restriction might be a prob.??? If you still want one gun; I'd go with the biggest non-mag caliber legal for yotes in your state that is a reasonably flat shooter and handload some heavy/performance big game bullets if I went West for elk. Oh heck!, that new .270WSM just came to mind too!!!<img src=icon_smile_tongue.gif border=0 align=middle>Now that you're confused so am I!!!
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Default RE: first rifle

A yote? Is that that like a coyote? LOL oh well I would go with a 6mm model 7600 and its cheap enough since you want range and cost effectiveness.
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Default RE: first rifle

This might be a viable solution for you. Since you are looking for a yote gun now and something bigger later without laying out alot of cash, consider this: an H&R Ultra of NEF Handi rifle, both are actually made by the same factory. You can get one in 243 to start with so you can hunt coyotes and deer, or 22-250 if you just want to shoot coyotes. Later, you can send it back to the factory and have them put on another barel in 30-06, or something that will handle bigger game and it will be under $100 for the new barrel, plus about $250 give or take for the rifle initially. Not a bad deal at all and they shoot wonderfully. I just sent my 243 back to hae two new barrels made for it.
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