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outdoorsmen 02-23-2004 06:41 AM

Burris Sig or FF2
For my muzzleloader. i currently have a burris sig 3-9x40 electrodot mounted on it. I just bought a burris Fullfield 2 3.5-10x50 LRS Bal. plex. what that is, is the whole bal. plex part of the the rectical lights up red (the center cross and the hash marks going down).
I was thinking of putting the FF2 on my muzzleloader. I think that the bal. plex would be good on a muzleloader since they don't shoot all that flat. my only concern is dropping down in quality from the sig. to the FF2. the lens and coatings aren't as good but the objective is bigger which may make up the difference.
what do you all think?

outdoorsmen 02-27-2004 06:23 AM

RE: Burris Sig or FF2
any opinions???

noway 02-27-2004 08:55 AM

RE: Burris Sig or FF2
I will throw in since you got no other replies.
I went back and reread your post so had to edit mine.

Since you have both the scopes take them out at dusk and look through them and see if there is much difference in the brightness of the scopes.

They should be pretty close optically. The ff2 has been upgraded in quality recently.
I doubt if you will get much use out of the ballistic plex with your muzzleloader due to the shorter ranges you will be shooting at.

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