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Back40 02-03-2004 01:30 PM

Sako 75 Hunter vs Tikka Whitetail Hunter?
Is the Sako 75 Hunter worth $390 more than the Tikka Whitetail Hunter? Both carry the accuracy guarantee and are floated so will the 3 lug vs 2 lug be much of an accuracy factor? The Whitetail Hunter I'm considering has been sitting in a little out of the way gun shop for 2 years so the magazine is metal.

ramseeker 02-03-2004 02:03 PM

RE: Sako 75 Hunter vs Tikka Whitetail Hunter?
i had both the sako tr3 and the tikka m658 mounted with leopould 2.5 - 8 vx 3
in the 338 cal. both action are great, the sako held 1 more round than the tikka. i handload and bench tested several powders and bullets the best grouping for the sako was 1.25 and not with maximin powder. on the other hand the tikka consistently produce 3/4 inch groups with compressed loads at 100 metres. i also like the feel and balance of the tikka and had many 21 day hunts in the rockies for sheep and goats into late november, under extreame conditions and never had any problems.

Back40 02-03-2004 02:27 PM

RE: Sako 75 Hunter vs Tikka Whitetail Hunter?
Ramseeker...what type of rings/bases do you have on each?

ramseeker 02-03-2004 03:26 PM

RE: Sako 75 Hunter vs Tikka Whitetail Hunter?
the sako tr3 came with rings and bases, but i found them to be weak, i installed contours or tikka mounts. i can`t exactely remember as i sold the gun 4 years ago. the tikka has tikka rings and mounts and i have had no problems. i understand the sako now have a much better system than the one i had. both sako and tikka are surperb firearms and preferance is personal. being a handloader i am striving for the maxium performance and i just found that the tikka edge out the sako for my needs.

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