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Nunk 01-04-2004 02:10 PM

Left handed 17 Remington.......
Anybody know if there is a manufacturer out there that makes a 17 Remington in a lefthanded model? Thanks. NUNK :)

pyral 01-05-2004 08:41 PM

RE: Left handed 17 Remington.......
Since no one else has helped you I will give you my findings (I was once very fond of the idea of having a .17, left hand as well)- No one of conventional makes readily offers a Left Handed .17 Rem. The only company I am not sure of is Cooper, I can not remember if they made one on a LH action or not. And Remington is the only manufacturer that chambers production rifle in the .17 centerfire and guess what, they don't offer it in LH. You can probably purchase a Montana Rifle Action (I inquired about one of their Short Left Hand Actions and found them to be more than I wanted to spend on a whim-$400 plus). About your only options for a .17 are limited to a couple of choices:

1. I believe Remington offers a Short Left Hand action in ther varmint line-purchase and rebarrel. = $$$

2. Have a custom made. = $$$$$

3. Most economical-Thompson Center Encore or Contender with a purchased barrel from someone such as Bullberry or Virgin Valley ( I am sure there are more that offer .17's for the TC singles). =$$ Most bang for the buck

I may have overlooked something but I think this pretty much covers the misery known as being a southpaw. I ended up purchasing a NEF Superlight in .223 and simply settled with the limits in choice. It bites but there ain't much I can do.

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