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Remington Copper Solid

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Remington Copper Solid

Old 12-28-2003, 06:29 PM
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Default RE: Remington Copper Solid

Thanks for all the feedback on the use of slugs as well as the CopperSolid. Seems from the majority of the posts that an +/- 80 yd run isn't too bad when harvesting a deer with slugs. In regards to my scenerios I'm sure I've just had some bad luck and other deer will fall closer to the place of impact. Might try the Lightfield slugs for the heck of it though. I've noticed positive comments about these on this thread as well as another I started regarding the H&R Ultra Slug Gun.

Hopefully in the near future (9/10 Sept) I will be able to post better results with the CopperSolids. We have two extra days of gun season here in MD.

thanks again for all the feedback.

MD Piney
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Old 12-28-2003, 09:15 PM
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Default RE: Remington Copper Solid

I use to shoot the copper solids, but had to switch because the lack of a blood trail. I'm from soutern In where all we can use is slugs/smokepoles/arrows or handguns. I shoot a Rem 1100 with a rifled barrel topped with a Burris scope. Shooting the copper solids I was able to shoot a 2to 3" group off a bench at a 100 yards. I thought I had the perfect match,until I started killing with them. I know dead is dead but a marginal hit for whatever reason and not having a blood trail could be detrimental. 4seasons back I shot a 7 point at roughly 100 yards square thru the lungs. He went 50 to 60 yards and piled up. The blood trail was minimal and I didn't pay much attention that year. The following season I was in a blind with my 2 boys ages 5 and 7 and shot a 8 point at about 40 yards. The buck was in a cedar thicket that was growed up and when we started to track him I could only find a few pindrops of blood. Thanks for them boys and there keen eyes we managed to track him some 100 plus yards before finding him. When I field dressed him his chest cavity was plum full of blood. The shot was broadside lower 1/3 and just missed the top half of his heart punching both lungs. I still didn't think much of it, dead is daed. At work I overheard a conversation with some boys talking about shooting deer and not having much of a blood trail. I joined the conversation and they was talking about the copper solids. That spring while at my boys baseball game the subject came up with the same results. I still wasn't totally convinced, especially with the groups i was shooting until 2002 season. I shot a big 9 point quatering away at about 15 yards. I was in a treestand and the slug went in at his back rib and exited opposite side just to the side of his waddle. The buck went about75 yards and stood for what seem like 5 minutes ( most likely a minute) and I let him have another one. The buck dropped and was done. I got down from my stand and went straight to him. After admiring him I backtrailed him to where I hit him the 1st time. The woods was open hardwoods and I followed his exact tract from the scuffled leaves he left. All I found was a chunk of tissue and some hair where I shot him. From that point I changed to the lightfield slugs. I don't get the groups as with the solids but I had to change. I took a 8 pt this season but I hit him square thru the shoulders and he dropped dead in his tracks so I couldn't judge the kind of blood trail. I killed quite a few dear using the rem slugger and other foster style slugs and always had a killer blood trail. Don't know if this helps ya out but this has been my experience using the copper solids.
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Default RE: Remington Copper Solid

I use lighfields out of my H&R , and never had one run more than 50 yrds.
If you want a higher velocity try the Winchester Partition Golds which if I remember correctly are around 1900fps.
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Default RE: Remington Copper Solid

I couldn't get the copper solids to group out of my Hastings barrel. But I have been really happy with the Federal Barnes Expanders in 3/4 oz. 1900 feet per second and less than 3" group at the range at 100 yards. The 9 pointer I shot this year dropped in his tracks. The higher velocity should let a guy shoot over 100 yards, but I havent grouped it farther yet....that will happen this summer. Guys I have talked to who are shooting this load are saying 6" groups at 150 yards. Wow.
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